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Versants of the Hard

Hikes & walks in Cuxac-Cabardès

Versants of the Hard - Hikes & walks in Cuxac-Cabardès

Description sheet

Departure municipalityCuxac-Cabardès
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres17 km
Altitude upon departure500m
Change in altitude600m


Departure of the walk in front of the school.


In front of the sign, at the foot of the village, walk along the schools on the right and then walk away. Behind the big building, leave the road to climb the path at the back of it. Following the main path, you will reach a forest intersection where you turn right. Continue in the forest. Further on, meet three paths, turn right and continue on a flat portion that leads to an open area. At the intersection, turn left, then take the path on the right which indicates a return to Caudebronde and Cuxac. Start the descent facing the landscape overlooking the valley of the Dure. At the fork, right, to cross a stony area. The path joins the Izoules farm. Follow the path to find the road. Then turn left, cross the bridge. At the junction after the Rassègue, go up the road on the right. Leave it higher to take a path on the left. As you come out, turn left towards the crossroads: direction La Cabasse. Follow the road to the red and white barrier. A passage to the left goes down to the stream, goes up then reaches a path, turn to the left. Further, near a big oak tree, you can take a break. Continue in front on the straight path, at the bottom on the right you will find an asphalt road. Turn left to the junction of Pujol. Take a right towards the bottom of a small valley and go back up. After the shoelace, turn right to gradually go up a tarmac road. Above, go along the house on the right to Sauzil Farm where you turn left. At the intersection, sign, with the possibility of entering by shortening, towards Cuxac. Cross the D 118 and join the hamlet of Cazelles. Walk along the main street and take the stairs to the left towards the wash house. Below, you will find the road and go down to the right towards Moulin de Cals. From the road junction turn right, then cross a bridge. Commit yourself towards Goutarende. 100 meters further, a path goes up to the left in the undergrowth. Ignore the trails that go down to the valley, then go higher left without regard to the traces to the left. You arrive at the entrance of the hamlet of Goutarende. Before the alignment of trees, turn left and then go back to reach the equestrian center. Pass the locality "Horse Village" and turn right across the pine forest. At the bend, continue in front, past a reservoir announcing the district of Tarabel. Cross the hamlet then find the road by turning left until the turn into a curve from which hides the trail of Castelgenest back to Cuxac. Return the Town Hall Square.

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