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Puttelange-aux-Lacs is a commune of the Moselle, in the Grand Est region, 13 km southwest of Sarreguemines.

The locality has been bearing this name since 1971, in reference to the bodies of water that dot the 16 km² of its territory. Now dedicated to leisure, and presenting an ecological interest, they were fitted out in the 1930s to constitute what will be called "the Aquatic Maginot Line". At the border with the Saar, in fact, the French authorities respected a clause of the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 stipulating that the Saar could by referendum be attached to France or become independent. It was not built of fortified work, therefore, but artificial lakes in the form of reservoirs which could if necessary be "open" and drown this region in order to make it impassable.

This was not the case and in 1940 as in 1944, Puttelange was also severely affected by the fighting, losing part of its historical heritage.

Until then, the village that appeared in the Middle Ages had first belonged to the counts of Lunéville, then the seigneury came under the bishop of Metz and then the Duke of Lorraine. Having become the seat of a county, the fortified city was further tossed about over the centuries, being finally in the hands of the princes of Loewenstein until the Revolution.

Still troubled by its border situation, Puttelange nevertheless industrialized in the 19th century before being very affected by the Second World War.

Crossed by the Mutterbach, the town now has around 3,000 inhabitants. We will appreciate a leisure offer obviously centered on its unique environment (ponds and forest).

Geographical information

Tourism label
Latitude49.0532300 (N 49° 3’ 12”)
Longitude6.9298660 (E 6° 55’ 48”)
AltitudeFrom 220m to 277m
Surface area16.66 km²
Population3127 inhabitants
Density187 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureMetz (64 km, 43 min)
Insee code57556
IntercommunalityCA Sarreguemines Confluences
RegionGreat East

Nearest cities & towns

Rémering-lès-Puttelange3.1 km (4 min)
Ernestviller3.3 km (4 min)
Richeling3.5 km (4 min)
Loupershouse4 km (5 min)
Guebenhouse4.3 km (7 min)
Hoste4.4 km (6 min)
Saint-Jean-Rohrbach4.8 km (5 min)
Grundviller5.3 km (7 min)
Farschviller5.6 km (8 min)
Holving5.8 km (7 min)
Hilsprich6.8 km (10 min)
Cappel7.2 km (9 min)
Woustviller7.6 km (8 min)
Barst8 km (9 min)
Diffembach-lès-Hellimer8.9 km (8 min)

Things to see and do

Heritage elements have been preserved despite the terrible damage caused by the Second World War. They can thus mark out a walk in the form of discovery of the city: this is the case of the remains of its two castles which underwent significant destruction in 1944. The first castle, called "Edelmannhaus", was built in 1606 by the Earl Ernest of Mansfield on the foundations of a medieval building. The second, about a hundred meters away, dated from 1715. In terms of religious architecture, in Puttelange itself, the Saint-Pierre-et-Paul church which had been erected in 1760 was rebuilt on the same bases. We will then linger and especially at the level of the Sainte-Croix chapel, which is located in the cemetery: it was built in 1550 then rebuilt in 1744. It houses a Louis XV style altar (baroque) and the carved woodwork of the decorations and of the furnishings adorning the interior are remarkable.

On the other hand, nothing remains of the "orientalizing" style synagogue erected in 1867, a first synagogue having been built in 1736.

Finally, in the vicinity of the city, to see still some elements of the systems fortified which "framed" or completed the "Maginot Aquatic Line", and, in the village of Diefenbach, attached to the town in 1811, the church dedicated to Saint-Luc-Evangelist.

In terms of cultural leisure activities, the municipal library offers meetings, readings and workshops throughout the year. Information on +33 9 71 41 04 59. As for the Cultural Space (rue Jean-Moulin), it regularly schedules concerts and events: information on +33 3 87 09 60 01.

On the sports side, tennis courts are accessible to visitors. Information and reservations at the local club on +33 6 36 96 89 30.

Then it's time for "nature" recreation. Hiking routes can allow you to understand the unique environment of the countryside surrounding the city, between bodies of water, areas of marshes, and the 200 hectares of national forest (oaks, beeches, charms). Maps and information on +33 3 87 09 60 01 or +33 3 87 98 80 81.

In season, the lake (or pond) of Diefenbach has been designed for lovers of relaxation, swimming and nautical activities (snowboarding). sailing, canoeing, pedal boat). The sandy beach also has playgrounds, volleyball and pétanque courts, and a bike rental point. It is also possible to fish in certain areas and to take advantage of the green surroundings by walking on the path which surrounds the lake. Information on +33 3 87 09 60 01 or +33 3 87 98 80 81.

Finally, a visit can be pleasant to the Jardin de Lulu, a colorful and fragrant space where 350 varieties of flowers or plants are next to iron and metal sculptures from recycled objects. Contact at +33 6 17 21 76 72.

Events and festivities

In July and August, the "Z'étangs d'Arts" festival offers outdoor shows in several towns, including Puttelange-aux-Lacs (concerts, theater and street arts, cinema projection).

On the second Sunday of October, the "Potifolie's" program festive events on the theme of pumpkin but also a market of local products and crafts, a barter with plants, pumpkin soup tastings…

Every Monday morning, the market is a great opportunity to discover and appreciate the tasty Lorraine region.


Sainte-Croix chapel in Puttelange
Sainte-Croix chapel in Puttelange
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Sunday 14 april
Min. 12°C - Max. 22°C
Monday 15 april
Min. 8°C - Max. 16°C
Tuesday 16 april
Min. 5°C - Max. 11°C

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