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The Great Charms

Hikes & walks in Le Montsaugeonnais

The Great Charms - Hikes & walks in Le Montsaugeonnais

Departure: Place de Vaux-sous-Aubigny - Marking: green and yellow - Duration on foot: 4h - Duration on mountain bike: 2h - easy level - From Vaux-sous-Aubigny, take rue de la Tour until the end then, turn left to reach the vineyard of the Muid Montsaugeonnais and from there, the abbey church Saint-Symphorien (XII and XIIIe century) where a magnificent point of view extends on the east of the Country of Langres. Cross the village of Aubigny then, turn left to reach the Badin Valley. Further, follow the path on the left: you will arrive at the crossing of this circuit. If you want to shorten your ride, turn left to return to Vaux-sous-Aubigny (5 km) otherwise, turn right to reach Châtoillenot. At the entrance of the village, pass the Mill and the beautiful "Saint-Eloi Fountain". Take a right to go under the small stone bridge and reach the center of the village. After the church, turn left, twice in succession, before turning right towards the Bois du Défois. Once on the forest road, turn right, then left at the first crossroads. Then walk along the southern edge of the Langres Plateau to an intersection of four roads. Turn right to go around the Vaux Woods to the next crossroads. From there, turn left to join the circuit crossing. Turn right then left to join Vaux-sous-Aubigny. Once on the D 300, take the left twice to reach the wash house then take the "corn walk" and cross the Badin on the first footbridge to reach your starting point. All the tourist info on

Description sheet

Departure municipalityLe Montsaugeonnais
Outing typeHike
Kilometres16 km
Altitude upon departure276m
Change in altitude328m


Depart from the town of Le Montsaugeonnais, latitude 47.6574150 (N 47° 39’ 27”), longitude 5.2870517 (E 5° 17’ 13”)


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