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The Séran and the Cerveyrieu waterfall

Hikes & walks in Artemare

The Séran and the Cerveyrieu waterfall - Hikes & walks in Artemare

A walk to discover the treasures of Artemare: see a preserved village, washhouses, old bridge, standing stones, communal oven, castles, calvary, viewpoints, rivers, waterfalls, canyon, giant’s kettles, vineyards, cliffs, etc., travelling along paths and quiet roads…

The Cerveyrieu waterfall seen from above: close to the D31, between Champagne and Don, it provides a dramatic finish to the Valromey itinerary from the Séran. Suddenly, the water (when there is any) leaves the plateau and terra firma to crash down from a height of around sixty metres, and splashes out in jets on a Dantesque rocky outcrop of blocks that have separated from the cliff. The spectacle that suddenly appears makes this unforgettable site one of the most picturesque in Bugey. Séran is listed in the First Category. In the past there were trout and crayfish here. Today you can still fish for brown trout here.

The Cerveyrieu waterfall seen from below: the view is no less extraordinary. You will find an impressively loud, powerful environment (when there is water in the rivers), historic monuments including the Cascade Castle, and beautiful panoramic views.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityArtemare
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres8 km
Altitude upon departure300m
Change in altitude140m


From the town hall, go towards the church. Turn left and go down Côte d'Yon.


1) Go down Côte d'Yon, cross the Séran bridge.

2) Turn right onto Chemin des Carraz, a path through theFierloz House Estate (Domaine de la Demeure du Fierloz)lined by box trees, oaks, beeches and standing stones. Walk along the Séran, cross the old stone bridge of Cerveyrieu, and see the washhouse.

3) Turn left onto Rue de la Cascade (D 690), 300 m away see Cascade Castle built in 1860 (not open to visitors) and the Cerveyrieu waterfall.

4) Return to the village of Cerveyrieu, go up Rue des Charriers, see the communal oven and fortified tithe house.

5) Delightful walk from Le Golet aux Loups to the D31 under Chassin (vines, cliff). Amazing views of the mountains and plain: Grand-Colombier, St Martin, La Chautagne, the Alps.

6) Turn left onto the D31 and go as far as the waterfall access sign (seen from above) then go along the Séran, past the giant’s kettles to the Belvedere.

7) Returning towards Don then Artemare, see the Devil’s Bridge (Pont du Diable) over an impressive narrow ravine over 50 m deep, dug into the limestone by the tumultuous waters of the Groin and the Arvières (for fans of canyoning, it’s one of the most beautiful canyons in France, although sadly it cannot be seen clearly from above), climb up the steps towards Notre Dame de Populo.

8) Discover theDevil’s Chasm (Gouffre du Diable). On Place de Don, discover the tiny station, a relic of the Little Train of Valromey (its story is told in a book by Paul Perceveaux).

9) Discover the walls of Antioche Castle.

10) On the D31, view of the Balthazar Pond. Go down via Côte d'Yon.

11) Stop at the grocer’s shop to find everything you need for a picnic: fruit, salad, regional produce (butter, faisselle and comté de Brénod cheeses, Artemare honey, etc.).

12) Stop at the bakery to buy bread, pastries, chocolate, etc.

13) Picnic by the Séran, discover the confluenceof the Arvière (and Groin) and Séran rivers, a place beloved by the painter Appian.

Along the way, you will see many signs on the Heritage Trail, and learn about the history of Artemare, Cascade Castle, the Justice Stone at Cerveyrieu, the construction of the Church of St Martin, the life of the painter Appian (internationally famous in his day), etc. The Heritage Trail was designed by pupils at Valromey secondary school.

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