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The Fossat Valley - The Rocks of the Break

Hikes & walks in Job

The Fossat Valley - The Rocks of the Break - Hikes & walks in Job

A magnificent route, in the heart of the Fossat Glacial Valley, classified as a Sensitive Natural Space, passing through the Rocks of pause and its exceptional panoramas of the Hautes-Chaumes du Forez and the mountains of the west, from the Alps to the Sancy.Departure - In the pin of the D 255, 1 km after the Pass of Chansert, in Pré-Daval (chaos). At the Fossat jas, take the path in front along the Vertolaye Creek. When crossing the creek, follow the path to the right, which climbs steeply into the undergrowth. Always keep the same path, cross the creek and join the cross of Fossat (view of the valleys of Fossat and Reblats). 1 - Climb the most right-hand path along the fence. Take the stepladder to enter the park (jasseries on the left); go straight up to pass a second one. At the level of the jas in ruins, continue to the right; cross a peatland area and continue into the callunes and blueberries moor. 2 - At the rocks of the Pause (view of Pierre-sur-Haute on the right), go straight down. Pass a new stepladder and continue on a path to the right (view of the Puys Range and the Sancy massif on the left). At the edge of the woods, pass the stepladder and go down the forest path in front. 3 - At the exit of a left turn, on the flat, take a right-hand feel descending into the forest (prudence, rough terrain). Keep the most marked trail plunging into the valley. Pass under a rocky outcrop, take the footbridge and reach the same track as on the way; follow it to the left to reach the starting point.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityJob
Outing typeHike
Kilometres7 km
Altitude upon departure1199m
Change in altitude318m


Depart from the town of Job, latitude 45.645623 (N 45° 38’ 44”), longitude 3.789898 (E 3° 47’ 24”)


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