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Archaeological Site of the Villasse

Monument in Vaison-la-Romaine

Archaeological Site of the Villasse - Monument in Vaison-la-Romaine

Website of Villasse: The archaeological site of Villasse matches a rich and very active area of ​​the city with its streets, its shops and spa together. Behind the noisy urban life, big mansions turned their courtyards testify to a quality of life and a luxury reserved for wealthier populations.



  • Street Stores: This beautiful street is one of the most striking examples of town planning Vasio. Consists of large limestone slabs arranged irregularly to reduce the jolt of the wheels of carts that use it every day, it is a major north-south axis of the city. It acceded to the east by a wide sidewalk on the west by a pedestrian tunnel we guess the columns that supported the floor of the buildings. Thus, out of the weather and the sun, the walkers could make their purchases. Shops are identified by them and by the groove threshold which was used to calibrate the stall sales. Customers stayed outside, on the road. At night the shops were closed with a shutter. It is through this street that the inhabitants of the ancient city went to the baths. This building is now partially cleared: only the great hall and the latrines are visible; the bulk of the building located under the current post. Below, the entrance to the House of Bust Silver was sitting between two shops.



  • The House of the Silver Bust: This house owes its name to the discovery of the silver bust of a wealthy Roman citizen. Street shops to the east, we won the vestibule and a small peristyle and a bathroom, perhaps the teacher's desk. Behind, parts and lined courses, creating a perspective of the noble room until sunken landscaped garden gates. North of the hall were organizing the kitchen, its reserves and perhaps servile housing. With the western part consists of a spacious garden and a spa together, the house reaches the surface of 5000 m² on the ground, making it the most imposing townhouses emerged in Vaison. The bath complex, designed for baths and exercise, was built around 10-20 AD Later, in the course of the first century AD, it lost its public character and has been incorporated in the plan of the house Bust Silver. Its facilities included various rooms: users leaving their clothes in a changing room before taking a bath in the cold room. From there, they won the warm room and the hot room equipped with a pool. Both were heated by circulating air in the basement and in the thickness of the walls from a home. Below, a palestra, vast parade ground, was embellished with a pool and equipped with latrines.



  • The house in Dauphin: A small marble dolphin found on site gave its name to this residence which, in the first century BC, was a farm. In the second century AD, the environment was urban. The house, enlarged and embellished, was bordered by streets to the west and north. The pedestrian path was entered via a staircase flanked by shops. Took the place of an atrium foyer and opened on the desk behind which was the private sector of the house: the dining room winter, the reception rooms, the resort... the north, the latrines were close to the kitchen and its reserves. The floor should be reserved for rooms. In the south, a large garden with furnished unfolded basin pool and numerous plantations.


The baths
®2 The baths
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Street shops
Street shops ¥
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