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Insee code35238
AltitudeFrom 20 to 74 meters
Surface50.39 km²
Population213956 inhabitants
Density4246 inhabitants/km²


National labelsSaint-Grégoire at 5.3 km (13 min)
DepartmentIlle-et-VilaineChantepie at 6.2 km (15 min)
RegionBrittanySearch another town


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Regional capital, two hours from Paris by TGV and easily accessible by plane, less than an hour from the sea and major tourist attractions and legendary Britain, Rennes is the ideal gateway to a tourist destination Preferred Europe and established itself as a must.

Metropolis of art and history, rich with a history of 2000 years the capital of Brittany has much to offer visitors and surprises.

Next to the monumental 18th century, organized around two sumptuous royal squares, neighborhoods with houses half-timbered colorful alleys and picturesque squares provide a striking contrast.

Breton Parliament, City Hall, Palais Saint Georges, big mansions, buildings with arcades, churches and abbeys, splendid public parks thus meet the narrow and winding streets of the old city courtyards and staircases loggia.


  • Suggested tourist route:
  • No. 1. Chapelle Saint-Yves: From Gothic and raised in the 15th century, the chapel of the old hospital Saint-Yves, restoration and development in 1998, houses the Tourist Office and the exhibition "Rennes, City art and history ". Visible Exhibition opening hours of the Office of Tourism.
  • No. 2 - Cathedral: Cathedral is the third highest in this location. The monumental facade, completed in 1704, precedes a nave and chancel built and decorated in the second half of the 19th century. Open daily from 9.30am to 12am and from 15h to 18h.
  • No. 3 - Gates Mordelaises: Rebuilt in the 15th century, the doors Mordelaises, evoke the era when the city was protected by walls and under the authority of the dukes.
  • No. 4 - Place des Lices: Clos medieval Old Field, where tournaments and festivities took place, that place is bordered on the north by a line of great mansions built in the seventeenth, timbered or stone for men's Parliament. Two metal halls designed in 1869 by Martenot, how to Baltard welcome every Saturday morning the second food market in France.
  • No. 5 - Ti-Koz: At number three in the street, the house half-timbered Gothic style, erected in the first quarter of the 16th century, reveals the talent of master-carpenters and sculptors Rennes.
  • No. 6 - Blossac Hall: Built in 1728-1732 for a parliamentarian, this particular hotel, arguably the most prestigious in town, is an expression of urban dwellings classics of the Enlightenment. It is now the headquarters of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs. Visible external opening hours of the DRAC
  • No. 7 - Place du Champ Jacquet: This site offers more in terms of timber-framed houses built in the 17th century and the high stone buildings after the fire of 1720.
  • No. 8 - Palace of Parliament in Britain: Designed by Salomon de Brosse, the major building heritage Rennes reveals a single page of the pictorial art of 17th century French and history of Britain. Tours all year compulsory registration with the Tourist Office on +33 2 99 67 11 66.
  • No. 9 - Abbey of St. Melaine: Founded after the burial of St Melaine, the first bishop of Rennes, this abbey, with an abbot's palace in the seventeenth, the only evidence presented Rennes from the Roman period in particular through the arches of the old abbey church. Open every day from 9h to 19h.
  • No. 10 - Tabor Park: Old Orchard monks of Saint-Melaine, designed and built by Denis Bühler under the Second Empire, Tabor, punctuated by factories (kiosk, aviary) and planted with various plants, is the most beautiful city park and one of the most famous of France. Open all year, hours vary with the seasons.
  • No. 11 - Swimming Pool St. Georges: Installed in 1925 after the plans of the City Architect, Emmanuel Le Ray, this exceptional art deco swimming pool has remarkable mosaics signed Odorico.
  • No. 12 - Saint-Germain: Reconstructed by Duke John 4th from 1434, this church haberdashery merchants of the city has on its northern facade of gargoyles and gothic windows specific. Open daily from 9am to 12pm and from 14h to 18h30 except Sunday.
  • No. 13 - St. George Abbey Palace: In 1670, the Abbess Madeleine de La Fayette had built this palace, jewel of the Benedictine abbey of Saint George founded in the 11th century by Alain 3rd Duke of Brittany. It now houses various municipal services and the fire station.
  • No. 14 - Lycée Emile Zola: A site of the former Jesuit college, the city built the new high school in 1858 Imperial. Captain Dreyfus was tried at the second trial of the "Case", the establishment is named after one of its staunchest defenders.
  • No. 15 - The Champs Libres: purple shale, concrete and glass characterize this new cultural facility designed by Christian de Portzamparc masterfully brings together the British Museum, the Space Science and Planetarium, the Library.
  • No. 16 - Palace of Trade: Built in 1888-1929, this palace, located along the Vilaine, was designed by Jean-Baptiste Martenot. The central pavilion features allegorical statues of towns in the department. It now houses various services (post, telecommunications ..).
  • No. 17 - City Hall: Jacques Gabriel, architect of the King, designed the new City Hall, "built for immortality" whose first stone was laid in 1734. The building combines classical architecture and baroque forms, while associating the limestone to granite. In summer, free tours offered by the Office of Tourism.
  • No. 18 - Opera: Charles Millardet drew up plans of the Municipal Theatre in 1830, the building, crowned by statues of the god Apollo and the Muses, responds with his party curved rotunda of City Hall facing it .
  • Museums - Exhibition grounds:
  • The Champs Libres: On 24,000 m², discover the Museum of Brittany, Space Science and Planetarium, the Library ... Open Tuesday to Friday from 12am to 19h. Saturdays and Sundays all year from 14h to 19h.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts: Housed in the former palace built by Vincent Boullé University in 1849, the Museum of Fine Arts presents many works by the greatest masters: Rubens, Veronese, Chardin, De la Tour, Picasso ?? Open Tues continuously from 10 to 18 and other days from 10am to 12pm and from 14h to 18h except Monday and holidays.
  • The Auction - Centre for Contemporary Art: Located in the heart of Rennes in the central market building constructed in 1923 by architect Emmanuel Leray. Open Tuesday to Friday from 12am to 19h - Saturday and Sunday from 14h to 19h. Closed Mondays and holidays. Tours on request. Admission free.
  • The Chapel of St. Ives: Chapel of the former Hotel Dieu from the 15th century, it now houses a permanent exhibition presents the history of the city. Open Scheduling Office of Tourism.
  • Visit the city VéloSTAR audioguide: audio guide to get to the Office of Tourism. Just get a VéloSTAR any station. Equipped with an audio guide, discover eight steps: Chapelle Saint-Yves, Notre-Dame, Place des Lices Blossac Hall, Parliament of Britain, City Hall, Lycée Emile Zola and Champs Libres.
Detailed information
TransportMetro station Anatole France,   Metro station Beaulieu Université,   Metro station Charles de Gaulle,   Metro station Clemenceau,   Metro station Cleunay,   Metro station Colombier,   Metro station Gares,   Metro station Gros Chêne,   Metro station Henri Fréville,   Metro station Irène Joliot-Curie,   Metro station Italie,   Metro station J.F. Kennedy,   Metro station Jacques Cartier,   Metro station Jules-Ferry,   Metro station La Poterie,   Metro station Le Blosne,   Metro station Les Gayeulles,   Metro station Mabilais,   Metro station Pontchaillou,   Metro station République,   Metro station Saint-Germain,   Metro station Sainte-Anne,   Metro station Triangle,   Metro station Villejean-Université,   Train station of La Poterie,   Train station of Pontchaillou,   Train station of Rennes
Information pointsTourist Office of Rennes
Leisure centresEcomuseum of the Pays de Rennes,   Leisure Centre of the Gayeulles,   Museum of Bretagne,   Museum of Fine Art of Rennes
MonumentsAbbey Saint-Melaine,   Basilica Saint-Sauveur,   Caserne du Bon Pasteur,   Cathedral Saint-Pierre,   Chapel Saint-Yves,   Market Halls Martenot,   Palace Saint-Georges,   Palace of the Parlement de Bretagne,   Private Mansion of Blossac,   Private Mansion of Courcy,   Private Mansion of the Molant,   Tower Duchesne,   Town Hall of Rennes
Performance hallsCafé-Theatre Le Bacchus,   L'Antipode MJC Rennes,   L'Ubu,   Le Diapason,   Le Liberté,   Le Musikhall,   Le Triangle,   Les Champs Libres,   MJC Bréquigny,   Maison de la poésie - Villa Beauséjour,   National Theatre of Bretagne,   Opera of Rennes,   Salle de la Cité,   Stadium La Piverdière,   Stadium of La route de Lorient,   Theatre of La Parcheminerie,   Theatre of the Pré Perché,   Theatre of the Vieux Saint Etienne,   Theatre of the Vieux Saint-Étienne


  • Rennes, festive city ... where currents intersect ...
  • With its 60,000 students, Rennes is a young and vibrant metropolis. It has many places of entertainment (dinner theaters, literary cafés, cabarets ....) and venues with eclectic programming. Festivals and events of all kinds punctuate the year Transmusicales Fallen of the Night, Travelling, Mythos, Set Scene ... just to name a few, along with the programming of the Opera, the Orchestre de Bretagne or the National Theatre of Britain, labeled European Centre for Theatre Production and Choreography by the Ministry of Culture.
  • The institutional structures are not the only places where you can meet the artists at Rennes ... Some figures to measure their presence nearly 15 labels musical productions and publishing houses, hundreds of amateur groups that repeat in structures available to them, fifty workshops visual artists managed by the city, nearly 80 companies theaters, street arts, circus and storytelling.
  • "All the currents intersect at Rennes" as is also the slogan jointly by the City and Rennes Rennes to discuss this burgeoning metropolis, a perfect illustration of the dynamism and vitality of the artistic capital of Brittany.
  • The main Rennes events:
  • January: Coquecigrues: "Performing Arts and Old Lace" (theater, storytelling, concerts ...) from January to March on Rennes metropolis.
  • February: Travelling and Travelling Junior: the film festival Rennes famous metropolis every year a world city through its cinema.
  • April Mythos Festival: Festival of arts and speech.
  • July: Wednesdays Tabor, and Brittany dance music every Wednesday. The Maturing of the night festival of street arts. Transat city, free shows up City Hall, song, storytelling theater, dance ... in July-August. Go Parliament Square, free show every night at 22:30, embark on a fun and digital poetic journey, a visual and sound show with stand for Parliament in Britain in July-August.
  • August: Festival Grand (s) Air (s): free outdoor symphony concerts in late August.
  • October: Festival Gourmand: food, cooking demonstrations, early October.
  • November: Staging: festival of theatrical and choreographic creation. Yaouank: Breton traditional music (Fest-Noz, concerts), Rennes metropolis.
  • December: Transmusicales: springboard festival for contemporary music.
Detailed information
Nightfall FestivalA unique, multi-disciplinary event where the town is the stage
In July 2015
Rennes Trans Musicales FestivalAn ideal place to observe and discover the best of the international music scene
In December 2015


  • Museums - Exhibition centers in the periphery:
  • The Living Museum of Country Rennes: On three floors, five centuries of the farm of Bintinais, one of the largest farms Rennes at the gates of the city. Directorate Rennes South - Road Noyal-Châtillon-sur-Cuttlefish). Open daily except Mondays and holidays. 9h - 18h April to September / 9h - 12h and 14h - 18h of October to March. Saturday 14h - 18h and Sunday 14h - 19h.
  • Space Ferrié - Museum of transmissions: The adventure of transmissions primitive tribe to the global village ... Direction Paris - Avenue Boulais - Cesson-Sevigne. Open every day from 14h to 18h except Tuesday, 1 January, 1 May and 25 December.
  • The FRAC - Regional Contemporary Art Fund Britain was inaugurated in 2012. FRAC has three exhibition halls on the first floor of the building. Among them, the large gallery looks like a white and flexible space and has an area of ​​500 m². 19, avenue André Mussat. Open every day from 14h to 18h except Tuesday, 1 January, 1 May and 25 December.
  • The Metropolis: Some attractions
  • Acigne: Contemporary Archi: childhood center and library "Gateway" - Traditional accommodation - parks / natural areas: Watersports de la Motte, Space Nature Chevré.
  • Betton: Wetlands Brushes along the canal Ille et Rance - Canal d'Ille et Rance, lock house Brushes - Anita Conti area.
  • Bourgbarré: Natural Area Vayrie with its pond - Church - Manor Mesneuf (private) visit possible after approval of the owner.
  • Brécé: Saint Exupère - Religious Heritage.
  • Bruz Boel and Mill Site - St. Martin's Church - Campus de Ker Lann.
  • Cesson-Sevigne Bourgchevreuil Manor - Park Monniais - Cultural Centre.
  • Chantepie Manoir du Tertre - Plans municipal water - Calvary.
  • Chartres-de-Bretagne: Lime Kilns of Lormandière (nineteenth / twentieth) - Chapel of Fontenay - Poplars Farm (part of the old manor Pont Péan).
  • Chavagne Chateaubriand Area (City Hall Annex) - Wood and pond Sillandais (CRAPA course) - Pond wood Babelouse.
  • Chevaigné Parish Church - Old mill lime Quenon - Manoir de la Rivaudiere.
  • Curved: Eglise Saint-Melaine (twelfth, sixteenth, seventeenth and nineteenth) - Fountain / laundry.
  • Plaisir Château de Plaisir - Church.
  • Body-Nuds: Church historical monument - Castle Chatelier monument - Chestnut François 1er (ranked tree).
  • Gévezé: Church - Parc de Launay Geffroy, hiking trails.
  • La Chapelle-des-Fougeretz: Park Matelon - Pieta - Manoir du Plessis High.
  • La Chapelle-Thouarault: Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Tual.
  • The Hermitage: Our Lady of Purification Church frescoes, bells and his ordeal - Manor Commandery: its structure, exposed beams and fireplaces - Milk: its facade, its history, its director Mr. Allanic resistant of the 2nd war.
  • Le Rheu: Church and altar - Castle Apigné.
  • The Orchard: Church with its stone cross located in the paddock - Manor Bonnays - Valley Rohuel.
  • Montgermont: Relaxation - feudal Motte - Church.
  • Mordelles: Pole = childhood farmhouse - Natural Area Biardais - Manor press (music school).
  • Nouvoitou: Church (altar altarpiece classified granite cross 17th ranked) - Mill Tertron (XVIII) - Mill Epron (XIX).
  • Noyal-Châtillon-sur-Seiche: St. Leonard Church and crypt - Valley Cuttlefish - Youth Space.
  • Orgeres Cultural Center the Belvedere - Moulin de la Chicane (private property) - Côte du Tertre towards Laillé. Very nice view of the Rennes basin.
  • Pace: Eglise Saint-Melaine - Bridge Pace - Green casting the Flume.
  • Parthenay-de-Bretagne: Church founded in 1365 by William of St. Aban - Mairie. Former presbytery 17th (added by Gilles).
  • Pont-Péan: Graphite silver - Church - Industrial Heritage.
  • Saint-Armel: Fountain and church - Moulins de la Motte.
  • Saint-Erblon Manoir de la Salle - Church - Castles / Mansions.
  • Saint-Gilles: Calvary - Parc de l'Etang.
  • Saint-Grégoire: Church - Mill Robinson - Park Kermaria.
  • Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande: Media Lucien Hervé - Closes the Gautrais (leisure center) - Parc de Saint Jacques.
  • Saint-Sulpice-la-Forêt: Ruins of the abbey - communal Grange.
  • Thorigné-Fouillard: Manor Tizé - Mairie (the bar closes) - Media.
  • Vern-sur-Seiche: Bridge Vaugon Plessis - Valley Cuttlefish, wood Soeuvre - Volume Theodore Monod college.
  • Vezin-le-Coquet: Calvary Church 16th - Old Hospital St Meen (former leper colony that existed from 1590) today Townhall - Castle Montignà (XVII).


Place Sainte-Anne (© Jose Mouret)Place Sainte-Anne (© Jose Mouret)
Place du Champ Jacquet (© Jose Mouret)Place du Champ Jacquet (© Jose Mouret)
Town Hall (© Jose Mouret)Town Hall (© Jose Mouret)
Inside Parliament - Lobby (© Jose Mouret)Inside Parliament - Lobby (© Jose Mouret)


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