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Insee code21054
AltitudeFrom 193 to 407 meters
Surface31.30 km²
Population22623 inhabitants
Density722 inhabitants/km²


National labelChorey-les-Beaune at 4.3 km (9 min)
Chief townDijon (at 47 km, 40 min)Pommard at 4.8 km (8 min)
DepartmentCôte-d'OrSavigny-lès-Beaune at 5.3 km (10 min)
RegionBurgundySearch another town


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A 40 km south of Dijon, this small town, ringed like a drum by its ramparts and bastions, and is still in the early 21th century the center of the Burgundy wine trade. In its venerable wineries ripen nicely nectars called "still wine".

Parliamentary capital in the fifteenth century in the duchy of Burgundy, which prefigured Europe, this city of art and history shows all the spiritual, cultural economic and soon a province in the heart of Europe.

On the ramparts, a Hotel Dieu never ceases to redeem the "sins" of a great servant of the "state Bourguignon": Nicolas Rolin. This famous site visited by over 400,000 people each year, boasts justly of a masterpiece of Flemish painting: the altarpiece of the Last Judgment attributed to the painter Rogier van der Weyden.

In a city where you can still wander, we discover a ducal palace converted into a museum of wine and located between Paradise Street and the Rue d'Enfer - it does not just happen! -. Emerging from the same street, coincidence?, The gaze is on the collegiate basilica of Our Lady, youngest daughter told of the Abbey of Cluny.

And still, to homes in mansions, a whole society scrolls, aristocrats of the sword or dresses, but also merchants and notable artists, Felix Ziem painted Venice ... and Jules Marey invents itself as one of the fathers of cinema.

A vineyard has 580 hectares of red wines from the Pinot Noir. An exceptional domain which 320 hectares in the first vintage (the largest surface first thought of all the coast). Firm, frank, colorful, full of fire and bouquet, soft, these are the wines Beaune. The Duke of Clarence sentenced to death by his brother the king of England exclaimed: "I wish to be drowned in a butt of wine Beaune that my death is effortless and good". What better promotion ...

Gastronomy is an integral part of the life of a Burgundian. Fine dining, full of tradition and innovation.

A good table is carefully balanced: the puffs and cheese appetizers around a Kir to whet the appetite. A marbled ham or Burgundy snails, or eggs in red wine sauce make a delicious entry. Then comes the beef bourguignon, coq au vin, quail at the vineyard, the Burgundian stew, ham with wine lees. All these casseroles agree so well with the wines of the region.


Beaune, whose heritage is experiencing amazing conservation, allows visitors and residents to enjoy a privileged setting. Rounded in its walls, Beaune offers a harmonious and full face charm that combines studs Middle Ages, the sweetness of the Romanesque architecture, and delightful mansions from the 15th and 16th century.

  • Museum of Fine Arts is in the beautiful architectural ensemble of the Porte Marie de Bourgogne, the museum presents its rich collections of 12th to 20th century. Do not miss: the Flemish and Dutch paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries and native son, Felix Ziem, famous for its many views of Venice and its Orientalist paintings.
  • Hotel-Dieu jewel Beaune and Burgundy, the famous Hôtel-Dieu initiated in 1443 by Chancellor Nicolas Rolin is a masterpiece of the Franco-Flemish and a wonderful witness of civil architecture art Middle Age. In the inner courtyard of the famous glazed tile roofs the splendors of a hospital created "for the rest of the body and soul."
  • Burgundy Wine Museum: housed in the charming Hotel des Ducs de Bourgogne 15th century, it was designed in the spirit of "Arts and Popular Traditions." Just push a door to get into the story of the vine and wine. On the first floor, get carried away in the imagination of wine thanks to the design of Aubusson tapestries made by Lurçat Tourlière.
  • Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame: "Daughter of Cluny" dominated the Romanesque, Our Lady tells us the history of the Burgundian religious architecture from the 12th to the 16th century. Take time to admire the ornate choir five remarkable 15th century tapestries depicting the life of the Virgin, the house and the charming little cloister of the Middle Ages. At the exit, take your fancy in the streets of Hell or Heaven.
  • The Dalineum: in the intimate atmosphere of a private house, an extraordinary private collection of works by Dali: 250 drawings, paintings, sculptures and furniture. Works with world famous Venus de Milo with Drawers, Rhino and the famous Bocca sofa shaped mouth. Exclusive shop for work and leave with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Caves and wine tourism tourist Areas Beaune. Circled like a drum by its ramparts and bastions, Beaune deserves its title of capital of Burgundy wines! Make a "basement exit" is a must.
  • Special Hotels mansions of medieval timber-framed, Renaissance facades of the Caryatids, Gothic mansions and elegant residences of the great century, Beaune is beautifully preserved. A stroll in the heart of the city is required.
  • Walls of the City: Beaune preserved fortifications that form a walkway 2 km punctuated private enclaves. From inside the city or along the boulevards, discover fortified bastions, towers, turrets, gardens and squares, which are the charm of this walk.
  • St. Nicolas Church: Beyond the elegant porte Saint-Nicolas, was built in the 13th century outside the walls, the church of Saint Nicolas. By visiting this area winemakers who has retained its character typical small courtyard houses, stop for a moment under the welcoming porch stone benches of the church.
  • Visit Town in Cave: discover the rich history of Beaune following your guide within its medieval walls. It goes back in time, Roman origins to the Golden Age of the Dukes of Burgundy, through the large trading houses that make Beaune the capital of Burgundy wines ... The tour ends with a tasting.
  • Visit Beaune Gourmand discover Beaune in terms of gluttony. A sweet ride salty tasting among traders.
  • Visit audio guide Beaune: visit Beaune released with an audio guide. Comments on the main monuments, the history of the city, its characters without forgetting the stories!
  • Guided tour of Fallot Mustard. Last craft manufacturer, the Fallot House pays tribute to this iconic product of Burgundy. A true initiatory journey to discover the history of mustard, the manufacture and enjoy!
  • Park Bouzaize: Delicious park designed "English" in the early 20th century, generations of Beaune have walked in the shade of big trees and were boating on the artificial lake. It is also the start of the Beaune Véloroute - Santenay.
  • The Mountain: residence and walk, it's on the Mountain and from its table of orientation that offers a panoramic view of the city and its vineyards. At his feet, bordered between Pommard and Savigny Beaune the vineyard presents its 652 hectares of appellations of origin that make Beaune the most important area of ​​Burgundy "wine village".
  • Park Creuzotte: adjacent to the park Bouzaize the 6500 m² recently refurbished respecting the environment are primarily dedicated to relaxation and wellbeing. This totally pioneer garden in concept invites walkers to explore the nature by walking on paths raised to preserve the flora and fauna. Rest areas, picnic areas, cycle route stop made with natural and innovative materials available to visitors looking for smooth and quiet.
Detailed information
TransportTrain station of Beaune
Information pointsTourist Office of Beaune
Leisure centresMuseum of Fine Art - Musée Marey,   Museum of the Vin de Bourgogne
MonumentsChurch Saint-Nicolas,   Collegiate Church Notre-Dame,   Hôtel-Dieu Hospital of Beaune,   Tower of L'horloge


  • Wine Auction of the Hospices de Beaune: it is certainly the most famous Burgundian events. The third Sunday in November, takes place at the Hotel-Dieu "selling wines hospices Beaune". The sale is preceded on Saturday "chapter" of the Brotherhood of the Knights of Tastevin.
  • Light! A Beaune: in April, July and August. Discover a magical dark and bright city ... Audio tour to download on your mobile!
  • International Festival of Baroque opera Beaune: Beaune festival is one of the most prestigious festivals of baroque music in Europe. It thus continues the musical tradition of the court of the Dukes of Burgundy considered one of the brightest and most sumptuous 15th century.
  • Ciné retro: the silent film festival in live performance. Retro film is an invigorating the spirit of burlesque directors and actors of the generation of Chaplin and Buster Keaton tribute. Designed as a complete show for all the blondes as gray temples heads, retro film is an invitation to explore the cinematic heritage of 20 years in his short films as rare in his blockbusters.
  • Beaune Jazz - jazz festival Burgundy wines: a tasting and two evening concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings, a fun and educational presentation for children, jazz masterclass, training in tasting Wine, jazz Beaune is above all Epicurean. Rhythm, flavors and tastes for staging all directions.
  • Living breads, wines, cheeses: 460 varieties of cheeses from all over France, nearly 20 wineries, a joyous medley of breads, await visitors at the show bread, wine, cheese every year in October.
  • The 24h Beaune: The 24h Beaune are an original concept which include both humor and sporting achievement. Each team consists of 8 people, designs and produces a non-motorized travel at least two crew prototype. The conditions of acceptance of the vehicle is controlled in a very precise technical file and the race itself collects all the characteristics of a great sporting event. Additional curiosity, all participating teams are required to create a new car with a general theme decor gear, theme imposed by the organizers.
  • Exhibition at the flea market: from February to October. These fairs are very popular and sought after by bargain hunters. They take place in the famous halls of the city hosting the big auction of world wine sales hospices Beaune.
  • Beaune flavors Vignes Beaune, flavors vineyards, invites you to discover the vineyards and gourmet wines Beaune, walk the vineyards. Six kilometers an easy route for families and 5 gourmet steps to enjoy the range of wines Beaune. The tastings will be guided by the winemakers. Musical entertainment, arts are planned for this special day.
  • Thriller Film Festival: program competition films, the main challenge of the event, which will include a dozen films. Another competition will be present, entitled "New Blood". With roughly five films, she will reward filmmakers who offer work apparently offset from the genre, but in reality, bring a fresh perspective, often social. A selection of short films will also be a place with a jury solely dedicated to it. As the previous sections of the festival of Cognac, a tribute will be paid to a person in the literary world that is part of the detective genre. Finally, a jury of personalities from literature and cinema award the grand prize of noir and the French international to authors whose quality work will be the only selection criterion.
  • The winemakers Beaune celebrate St Vincent and the areas Beaune houses open their doors and invite you to enter the unique world of St. Vincent. For two days, the women and men of the name are waiting to show you their work and expertise. On the occasion of St. Vincent, the winemakers Beaune decided to share with you the party in which they pay homage to their patron saint.
  • Beaune Boogie Blues Festival in December. The best international blues artists and boogie-woogie piano. Concerts piano duets or bands for a unique show of its kind.
  • Festival Mômes & Wonderland in December / January. Discover accessible to all programming plays childish dream shows, fairy tales ... There will be something for everyone!
  • Scenes of summer side courtyards, gardens side from June to September. This summer festival scene introduces the largest number of street performances in the most picturesque areas of the city. At nightfall, Beaune will dress light for children and adults with wonder admire the illuminations and projections of the landmarks of the city.


  • Excursions in the vineyards: discovering the vineyards of the Cote de Nuits and Côte de Beaune. Of closed paths with renowned vineyards of steep, it's all tastes and all the colors of burgundy that we focus, sniffed and tasted.
  • Possibility of ballooning, helicopter, microlight.
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
4x4 tour of the Burgundy vineyardsLocal flavoursFrom 52 € to 120 €Beaune
Tour and tasting at the Domaine DebrayLocal flavours12 €Beaune
Visit a watercolour studio and galleryCraftFreeCorcelles-les-Arts (8.9 km)

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Hospices Civils de Beaune - Hôtel-DieuHospices Civils de Beaune - Hôtel-Dieu
Notre Dame CollegiateNotre Dame Collegiate
Wine MuseumWine Museum
Glass of white wine barrelGlass of white wine barrel
International Baroque Opera FestivalInternational Baroque Opera Festival
Wine Auction of the Hospices de BeauneWine Auction of the Hospices de Beaune
Boeuf BourguignonBoeuf Bourguignon
Cheese BurgundyCheese Burgundy
Beaune Véloroute - SantenayBeaune Véloroute - Santenay
Balloon FlightBalloon Flight
Main courtyard of the Hotel-Dieu (© JE)Main courtyard of the Hotel-Dieu (© JE)
Main courtyard of the Hotel-Dieu (© JE)Main courtyard of the Hotel-Dieu (© JE)
Roofing polychrome (© JE)Roofing polychrome (© JE)
polychrome tiles and dormer (© I)polychrome tiles and dormer (© I)
Roofing slate-room Pôvres (© JE)Roofing slate-room Pôvres (© JE)
Hôtel-Dieu - Apothecary (© JE)Hôtel-Dieu - Apothecary (© JE)
Hôtel-Dieu - Room Pôvres (© JE)Hôtel-Dieu - Room Pôvres (© JE)
Room Pôvres (© JE)Room Pôvres (© JE)
Room Pôvres ( © JE)Room Pôvres ( © JE)
Hôtel-Dieu - Salle Sainte-Anne (© JE)Hôtel-Dieu - Salle Sainte-Anne (© JE)
Hôtel-Dieu - Tapestry (© JE)Hôtel-Dieu - Tapestry (© JE)
Hôtel-Dieu - Stained glass window of the chapel (© JE)Hôtel-Dieu - Stained glass window of the chapel (© JE)
Stained Glass Chapel (© JE)Stained Glass Chapel (© JE)
Other window of the chapel (© JE)Other window of the chapel (© JE)



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French cuisine restaurantVia Mokis  
The restaurant Via Mokis vousouvre zses doors in the historic center of Beaune. The Chief, Dzidka Siles, strong culinary experiences shared with chefs in Asia, the United State and...
Located in Beaune37 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantHostellerie le Cèdre  
Elegance and tradition welcomes you to the park Hostellerie le Cèdre. The hotel and its restaurant, Le Clos du Cedre take place in an old mansion winemaker. Moldings in the room or...
Located in Beaune64 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantLa Table de Cédric Burtin  
GASTRONOMIE EN CÔTE D’OR – C’est à Beaune qu’il faut aller, dans l'Abbaye de Maizieres située à quelques pas de la basilique Notre-Dame et à 350 mètres des célèbres Hospices de Beaune....
Located in Beaune58 € per person 

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House with 3 bedroomsLa maison blanche  
An exceptionnal address, in the heart of Beaune, five minutes walk from the famous Hospices de Beaune.
Located in Beaune160 € the double room 
Villa with 5 bedroomsLa terre d'or    
La Terre d'Or is a charming bed and breakfast ideally situated on the hill of Beaune, 2 mn by car from the centre of Beaune. Above vineyards and at the edge of the pines forest, you...
Located in Beaune 
House with 3 bedroomsLe colombier    
5 minutes from Beaune, in a rural setting, Hélène and Jean-Marc welcome you in an old farmhouse with pool on nature and fields. Trouvevez you a warm welcome and a quiet saving share...
Located 5.5 km from Beaune80 € the double room 

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House for 14 personsLe 5  
Playful, the 5offre contemporary, warm and family suites on the theme of the 5 senses and wine. A creative and passionate vision of a time break...
Located in Beaune 
House for 2 personsGites studio 2 pers en bourgogne  
Joli studio entirely renovated with taste (soon 3 stars), in small building noncontiguous for habitation (also for rent). Located in beautiful village of Pernand-Vergelesses. Garden...
Located 6.1 km from BeauneFrom 300 € to 350 € per week 
House for 8 personsGite rural La Grande Varenne  
In the heart of Burgundy, an agricultural and wine-producing country where good-living is associated with good eating and good drinking, Edouard and Marie-Christine welcome you in their...
Located 9.8 km from BeauneFrom 500 € to 600 € per week 

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153 places over 5 haCamping La grappe d'or à meursault    
All Team campsite welcomes you in the heart of Burgundian vineyards in Meursault. Whether your stay with us is a step for the night en route to a sunny holiday or you're in Burgundy...
Located 6.7 km from BeauneFrom 15.50 € to 20 € per day 

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Au Grand Saint Jean - Hotel in BeauneAu Grand Saint Jean     
The hotel Au Grand Saint Jean is located in the centre of Beaune, in the heart of the Burgundian Vineyard. Grand Hotel Saint Jean offers comfortable and spacious rooms. All the rooms...
Located in BeauneRoom from 80 €
Abbaye de Maizières - Hotel in BeauneAbbaye de Maizières     
The Abbaye de Maizieres is a 12th-century former Cistercian Abbey, located in the heart of the historical centre of Beaune. It features a restaurant and the hotel offers free Wi-Fi...
Located in BeauneRoom from 140 €
Hotel Belle Epoque - Hotel in BeauneHotel Belle Epoque     
The Hotel Belle Epoque, a former wine merchant’s house, is a charming residence fully restored in the Burgundian traditional style. It is just 3 minutes from the city centre of Beaune....
Located in BeauneRoom from 109 €

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Kyriad Dijon Est Mirande
This functional hotel and restaurant is located in East Dijon, a 15-minute drive from the train station, the exhibition centre and city centre. It offers...
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