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Insee code88160
AltitudeFrom 315 to 492 meters
Surface59.24 km²
Population34501 inhabitants
Density582 inhabitants/km²


National labelsChantraine at 2.3 km (7 min)
Chief townEpinal (at 1.2 km)Golbey at 3.7 km (10 min)
DepartmentVosgesDinozé at 4.8 km (9 min)
RegionLorraineSearch another town


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  • The situation:
  • South of Lorraine, near the Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland, Epinal has a location in the heart of Europe.
  • By train: The TGV connects East Europe in Paris in Epinal 2:15 only, no change. Many TER travel daily to Metz-Nancy (allowing connections to the south of France or Northern Europe) to Strasbourg to Basel-Mulhouse-Belfort.
  • By plane: International airports of Basel-Mulhouse, Strasbourg and Luxembourg are all three within 2 hours of Epinal. Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport is located on the other hand to 1:15 (95 km) from the center of Epinal and Epinal Mirecourt Airport, located 40 km, has an affair with Paris-Orly West.
  • By car: Epinal is 70 km from Nancy, Metz 130 km, 380 km from Lyon.
  • By bus: Regular bus lines serve the entire department and the main cities of neighboring departments.
  • By boat: The channel is which, with its 394 km was the longest in France, was divided into two parts. The northern branch follows closely the Meuse to Charleville is now the channel of the Meuse. The southern branch runs through the foothills of the Vosges mountains in a landscape of great beauty and is now called the Canal des Vosges. This network of waterways linking the Burgundy neighboring countries allows a river link with Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands. With this location, these waterways are one of the last bastions of traditional inland waterways and at the same time, a route very popular with boaters. The entrance from the south of the Vosges is the charming town of Fontenoy-le-Château and walks in the Vôge through Lake Bouzey to leave the Vosges at Charmes / Socourt. The port of Epinal with 20 rings can accommodate boaters throughout the year.
  • Epinal city of yesterday and today!
  • City of city history and future, and affirmed the capital of the Vosges! It is on the banks of the Moselle, beautifully nestled in lush greenery, that has built Epinal, an ancient city but also attractive cultural center and privilege of sports and recreation.
  • With an exceptional natural environment, with a forest pervasive place the city at the forefront of the most wooded France, Epinal itself as the kingdom of green space, flowers, pedestrian areas, paths paths, airy neighborhood ... allowing it to blend harmoniously urbanism, historical heritage and quality of life.
  • This is the site of Spinal dominated by a castle, as Thierry de Hamel, Bishop of Metz, creates a church and monastery in the late fifth century. The village soon became a small town that, over the centuries, will win the size of large magnet economic and cultural life that we know now. Of its rich past, Epinal keeps many architectural traces: The Basilica of Saint-Maurice, one of the first witnesses of Gothic art in Lorraine, the arcades of the Place des Vosges, the beautiful Renaissance mansion called "house of the bailiff" The district chapter at the foot of the medieval city walls, the modern church of Notre Dame ...
  • But the best testimony of history spinalienne, it is of course the images, which increased the fame of the city around the world. At the heart of the popular tradition, they are now the focus of attention, since in the sides of the imaging took place celebrating the museum of the image that contains a collection of nearly 100 000 images, woodcuts and lithographic stones. But imaging and Museum (which together form the city of the image) are not the only symbol of cultural and tourist development of the city. It should also dwell on the regional museum of ancient and modern art, which houses one of the most brilliant French collections. Epinal also increases throughout the year, major events like the Saint-Nicolas, the Holy Flower floréal or the musical, the Imaginales, tears of laughter, and company streets that complement a wide range of parades festivals, fairs and street markets.
  • Outdoor sports facilities abound: 18 hole golf course on the outskirts of the city, gymnasiums, swimming pools and Olympic summer, ice skating, kayaking course, climbing stage, dojo, tennis courts, park ' adventure, 480 km of marked hiking trails and more than 900 km of mountain bike trails and so on. Enough to satisfy the most demanding!
  • And to call, within a few hours or days at the Epinal friendly, you can even play the original river access: port offers berth, entertainment and water sports enthusiasts of escape family who gather many the most beautiful day of the year.
  • Drink:
  • Some gastronomic specialties: spina gold, Lorraine pie, fried grated Munster cheese, honey, candy of the Vosges, etc ...
  • Epinal (with the participation of fifteen restaurants) is part of Terroir Club of Cities and Heritage includes the cities offering a discovery of their preferred food and wealth of their territory.


  • Épinal has many monuments:
  • The Basilica Saint-Maurice eleventh-thirteenth and fifteenth century.
  • The Roman House, house type Hellenistic villas in the south of Roman Italy in the late 19th century.
  • The park and the castle Épinal.
  • The houses of the Place des Vosges.
  • The area of ​​the Chapter.
  • The church of Notre-Dame-au-candle.
  • The Chapel of St. Michael the 15th century.
  • The Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation (called "Chapel of the forty weeks").
  • The Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua.
  • The Chinese tower.
  • Museums of the City of the Image:
  • The Museum of Image.
  • The imaging.
  • The Museum of the Chapter.
  • The Old and Departmental Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Art in the Street: Many representations of contemporary art exhibit in the city as:
  • Freedom, cast bronze sculpture of Caesar.
  • Indefinite line, work steel Bernar Venet.
  • The passing stranger, two bronze busts of Braco Dimitrijevic ...
  • Épinal enjoys an international reputation on the expertise of its gardeners and green spaces. The city has also received the Laureate International Cities of the most ornate and still four flowers on the city outskirts panels.
  • The Park Course.
  • The Roman House Rose Garden.
  • The Castle Park.
  • The Marina Épinal.
  • The Garden of 5 senses.
  • Épinal offers various sports and leisure activities:
  • SpinaParc: just minutes from downtown, located on an old sandstone quarry of 5 ha in the forest and has a cliff, the SpinaParc invites you to the joys of Acrobatic course in the trees and rocks. It offers courses for all children (under 6 years), a park child (from 6 years) with 6 courses, a zip line and a 70-meter cliff and a course in adults and adolescents with 6 golf park, a zip 170 m.
  • Planetarium.
  • Olympic Pool.
  • Cruise on the Canal des Vosges.
  • Cinema.
  • Rink.
  • Bowling.
  • Karting.
  • Walks.
  • Escalade.
  • Canoeing.
  • Golf.
  • Rowing.
  • Cycling.
  • Swimming.
  • Athletics.
  • Ice Hockey.
  • Archery.
  • Football.
  • Basketball.
  • Volleyball.
  • Handball.
  • Tennis.
  • Rugby.
  • Sailing.
  • Table Tennis.
  • Thai Boxing and American boxing.
  • Judo.
  • Moto-cross.
  • Dancing on Ice.
  • Badminton.
  • Petanque.
  • Fitness: fitness, gym, squash courts, sauna, karate, self defense.
Detailed information
TransportTrain station of Épinal
Information pointsTourist Office of Épinal
Leisure centresGolf Course of the Images d'Epinal,   Museum of Art Ancien et Contemporain,   Museum of L'Image,   Skating Rink of Epinal-Golbey
MonumentsBasilica Saint-Maurice,   Castle of Épinal
Performance hallsAuditorium of La Louvière,   Conference Centre of Épinal,   La Plomberie - Espace Contemporain,   Municipal Theatre of Épinal,   Plateau de la Justice,   Scènes Vosges,   Stadium of La Colombière,   Theatre Georges Brassens - Lavoir
Natural sitesForest of the Ban d'Uxegney,   Forest of Épinal


Each year, many recurrent events punctuate life Épinal:

  • Living Planet Energy: in February.
  • Antiques Fair: March.
  • International Piano Competition: in March of odd years.
  • Imaging Epinal: entertainment weekend of Easter.
  • Eurogénétique: trade show in April.
  • Floreal Music: Music Festival in April and May
  • The Imaginales: Festival of imaginary worlds mid-May
  • Streets & Cies: street theater festival in mid-June
  • The Bold: ATV trail running the first Sunday of July.
  • Epinal move the summer shows and outdoor concerts in July and August.
  • Fair Housing and Wood: in September.
  • International Festival of the Image and Digital Art: September.
  • Classical Concerts: September to March.
  • Coffee Jazz: September to April.
  • Theatre: September to June
  • Feast of the Holy Flower: parade of decorated floats early October.
  • Tears of Laughter: burlesque theater festival in October.
  • Feast of Images: Open House Imaging Epinal to Halloween.
  • Festival of Saint-Nicolas floats the first Saturday of December.
  • Christmas Market, in December.


  • Fort Uxegney.
  • Écomusée Vosges Brewery Ville-sur-Illon.
  • Medieval fortress of Chatel-sur-Moselle.
  • American Cemetery DINOZE.
  • Close pedagogical Girancourt.
  • Crystal of Portieux.
  • Raising snails Rambervillers.
  • Fraispertuis City: Family Amusement Park.
  • Music Hall in Charmes.
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Dog-sleighing throughout the yearNature and the outdoorsFrom 35 € to 80 €Champdray (25 km)
Out-dog Adventure Park dog-themed parkSports sensationsFrom 15 € to 25 €Bois-de-Champ (27 km)

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Cité de l'Image (Image © Museum)Cité de l'Image (Image © Museum)
Basilica Saint-Maurice (© City of Épinal)Basilica Saint-Maurice (© City of Épinal)
Épinal along the Moselle (© City of Épinal)Épinal along the Moselle (© City of Épinal)
Roman House (© City of Épinal)Roman House (© City of Épinal)
Remains of the castle (© City of Épinal)Remains of the castle (© City of Épinal)
Remains of the castle (© City of Épinal)Remains of the castle (© City of Épinal)
Port ÉpinalPort Épinal
Canoeing (© City of Épinal)Canoeing (© City of Épinal)
Golf (© City of Épinal)Golf (© City of Épinal)
SpinaParc ( © City of Épinal)SpinaParc ( © City of Épinal)
Climbing Career Collot (© City of Épinal)Climbing Career Collot (© City of Épinal)
Bike to the Épinal (© City of Épinal) PortBike to the Épinal (© City of Épinal) Port
Place des Vosges (Épinal © City of)Place des Vosges (Épinal © City of)
Place Pinau (© City of Épinal)Place Pinau (© City of Épinal)
Departmental Museum of Ancient Art and Contemporary (© MDAAC)Departmental Museum of Ancient Art and Contemporary (© MDAAC)
Rue Chapter (© City of Épinal)Rue Chapter (© City of Épinal)
Pedestrian Street (© City of Épinal)Pedestrian Street (© City of Épinal)
Basilica Saint-Maurice (© JE)Basilica Saint-Maurice (© JE)
Basilica Saint-Maurice (© JE)Basilica Saint-Maurice (© JE)
Basilica Saint-Maurice (© JE)Basilica Saint-Maurice (© JE)
Basilica Saint-Maurice - Porch (© JE)Basilica Saint-Maurice - Porch (© JE)
Nave of the Basilica Saint-Maurice (© JE)Nave of the Basilica Saint-Maurice (© JE)
Place of the basilica (© JE)Place of the basilica (© JE)
Ancient walls in Old Town (© JE)Ancient walls in Old Town (© JE)
The Moselle (© JE)The Moselle (© JE)
Panorama from the old castle (© JE)Panorama from the old castle (© JE)
Panorama from the old castle (© JE)Panorama from the old castle (© JE)
History of the Basilica Saint-Maurice (© JE)History of the Basilica Saint-Maurice (© JE)
Ruins the old castle (© JE)Ruins the old castle (© JE)
Ruins of the castle (© JE)Ruins of the castle (© JE)
Ruins of the castle (© JE)Ruins of the castle (© JE)
History of the castle (© JE)History of the castle (© JE)



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Saturday 31 January
Min. -1°C - Max. 1°C
Sunday 1 February
Min. -2°C - Max. 1°C
Monday 2 February
Min. -11°C - Max. 0°C


French cuisine restaurantLe Basilic  
GOOD SURPRISE - A large terrace, modern decor : you're Basil in Epinal, a cozy restaurant, in the historic area, close to the town hall. LOCAL LORRAIN - Here Vosges are everywhere and...
Located in Épinal30 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantCampanile Épinal  
Welcome to Campanile Epinal, located between the Vosges mountains and spas. Capital of South Lorraine, Epinal owes its fame to its imagery. Discover the Basilica of Saint-Maurice without...
Located in Épinal20 € per person 
Asian restaurantBistrot d'Elena TEST LF  
Les Forges
dropoff window
Located 2.9 km from Épinal59 € per person 

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House with 5 bedroomsChez sylvia et luiggi    
In a charming house of character. Located halfway. Between Heather and Rambervillers. Quiet, charming and ease. 4 spacious rooms (30m²) - 1 Large Loft (140 m²) - comfortable tastefully...
Located 17.9 km from ÉpinalFrom 65 € to 120 € the double room 
Farm with 5 bedroomsLa Trottelée    
Go to the Trottelée, halfway between Plombière-les-Bains and Remiremont! Laurence and Marc welcome you in an old farmhouse overlooking the surrounding countryside. The rooms invite...
Located 21 km from Épinal48 € the double room 
House with 5 bedroomsChambre d'hôtes les cigognes 3 épis    
Enjoy the tranquillity of this elegantly restored xviiith Century farmhouse, with its spacious comfortable rooms, original timber, open fireplace and beautiful stone work. All guest...
Located 22 km from Épinal68 € the double room 

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Chalet for 6 personsGîte du Creux de la goutte  
Nature lovers, fishermen, hikers, patients, skiers... Rejuvenate you calm Hollow gout, in the Vosges, Lorraine. We will be happy to welcome you in a comfortable, friendly cottage, warm,...
Located 13.2 km from ÉpinalFrom 349 € to 649 € per week 
House for 6 personsGite de Moulin Maurt  
Isolated in the countryside with private road access, 2 km from the city center with its shops and a medical center. Home An extensive wooded grounds with lawn. Ideal for going green...
Located 13.3 km from ÉpinalFrom 300 € to 500 € per week 
Chalet for 8 personsGîte 'Les Cheneaux'  
Chalet small montagne. Toutes seasons! Very nice view, quiet location. Green area and tourism. Plombière near les Bains and Bains-les-Bains (Moyenpal), (altitude 450 m) approximately...
Located 13.9 km from ÉpinalFrom 398 € to 898 € per week 

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42 places over 1,2 haCamping Parc du Chateau    
Pleasant camping completely renovated in 2013 with swimming pool, restaurant, TV, bathroom sanitary quality, near downtown, quiet and peaceful atmosphere in a peaceful site. We offer...
Located in ÉpinalFrom 14 € to 15 € per day 
35 places over 0,8 haCamping fraiteux    
On the heights of Plombières baths, located 550 m above sea level, this 3-star hotel camping all year with your caravan, motorhome or tent on his 35 pitches well exposed, very quiet,...
Located 23 km from ÉpinalFrom 13.50 € to 14.50 € per day 
98 places over 2,5 haCamping Les Granges Bas    
Camping 2-star certified Quality Camping. - Calm and relaxation in the heart of the Vosges -- Camping des Granges Bas welcomes you throughout the year on an exceptional site, 4 km from...
Located 29 km from ÉpinalFrom 11.50 € to 13 € per day 

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Campanile Epinal - Hotel in ÉpinalCampanile Epinal     
This hotel is 4 km from Epinal Train Station and 1.2 km from Images d’Epinal Golf Course. It offers free Wi-Fi access, a restaurant and en suite accommodation. All the air-conditioned...
Located in ÉpinalRoom from 45 €
Hotel La Basilique - Hotel in ÉpinalHotel La Basilique     
This hotel is located in the centre of Epinal, within 100 metres of the Basilica Saint-Maurice, Place de Vosges and River Moselle’s bank. It offers rooms with free Wi-Fi access. The...
Located in ÉpinalRoom from 64 €
Azur Hotel - Hotel in ÉpinalAzur Hotel     
Located in the Vosges department, Azur Hotel is just 600 metres from Epinal train station and features views of the canoeing stream. It offers rooms with a flat-screen cable TV and...
Located in ÉpinalRoom from 45 €

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Time Hotel
The Time Hotel is located at the entrance to Contrexéville, well known for its thermal spas and springwater. It offers affordable accommodation and a range...
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