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Guide of Anjou

Tourism, holidays & weekends in Anjou

Guide of Anjou - Tourism, holidays & weekends in Anjou

The former province of Anjou, now the territory of Maine-et-Loire, is one of the dazzling Loire Valley's gems. Its three main urban centres, Angers, Saumur and Cholet, celebrate Anjou's relaxed pace of life and offer an authentic environment that makes it a great place to be.

Heritage has pride of place there. The castle in Angers, a City of Art and History, houses the famous Apocalypse Tapestry, and the museums in Anjou's capital will captivate culture enthusiasts. The medieval town of Saumur, rightly known as the Pearl of Anjou, is an enchanting sight with its historical quarter, made even more sublime by the Loire running through it. Admirers of equestrian excellence will enjoy a visit to its famous Cadre Noir riding school. At the heart of Les Mauges, Cholet is a fashion centre that still celebrates its weavers' history, especially at the Textile and Fashion Museum.

Away from the towns, the region is just as charming. You will be stunned by Serrant Castle, a sumptuous Renaissance edifice, and Fontevraud Royal Abbey, once the most powerful monastic city in France. The Loire area is dotted with charming villages, such as Champtoceaux, Béhuard, Saint-Florent-le-Vieil and Montjean-sur-Loire, so you are sure to leave with some beautiful images and golden memories.

As you explore the vineyards and green landscapes, you can enjoy some culture by visiting Brézé Castle and its unusual underground tunnels, Brissac Castle, the tallest castle in France, and the castles of Plessis-Bourré or Montreuil-Bellay. Children and adults will love the amazing cave dwelling sites, like the one at Rochemenier. Cave dwellings are also a star attraction at the Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine zoo, where you can see its many animal species in an unusual setting of rocks and vegetation. Lovers of natural environments will also be delighted by the plant species from all continents on display at the Terra Botanica park in Angers.

Anjou's charm lies in its harmonious blend of nature and culture, while inviting visitors to savour its local gastronomy and fine wine, which are part of its roots.

Guide of Anjou


The cities of Angers and Saumur with their rich built heritage, the sumptuous chateaux of the Loire valley and the famous Fontevraud abbey are some of the opportunities on offer to visitors of the Maine-et-Loire.

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