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La Trinité

Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Martinique

La Trinité - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Martinique

Standing on the Atlantic coast of Martinique, the town of La Trinité is remarkable for its location at the entrance to the magnificent Caravelle peninsula, whose nature reserve is a destination much loved by fans of coastal hiking. You can enjoy an exceptional walk to admire varied scenery, ranging from grassy savannah to mangrove, through rocky coast and dry forest, as well as the remains of Château Dubuc, an old sugar plantation from the 18th century. On the Caravelle peninsula you can also appreciate the charms of the picturesque fishing village of Tartane.

The welcoming and lively town of La Trinité has a nice seafront that's ideal for a walk, facing the beautiful Raisiniers Bay. Its harbour was once very busy, involved in exporting cocoa, cotton and sugar to mainland France. The two old cannons near the town hall and the ruins of Fort Sainte-Catherine, on the way out of town, are a reminder of La Trinité's military past.

The municipality's territory also includes the Galion factory, the last active sugar production unit on the island. Founded in 1865 by Eugène Eustache, it can be visited during the harvest season between March and June. A uniquely educational and fragrant experience, to learn all about the history of sugar cane and see the equipment at the steam-powered central factory in operation. Modernity and tradition go hand in hand here!

On the way out of town, Cosmy Cove offers sunbathers and swimmers all the delights of a beautiful shady beach by the Atlantic Ocean. It's ideal for a waterside picnic with family and friends!

Additional information
La Trinité

La Trinité is a coastal city on the Atlantic coast of Martinique, about twenty kilometers from Fort-de-France.

The town has developed from the seventeenth century, first with a military presence to counter any English attack and, especially, when a road link is provided from 1678 to Fort-de-France.

Built around a bay formed by the peninsula of Caravelle, the city quickly became an active commercial port, parallel to the boom on the coast and in the cocoa producing region, cotton and sugar.

Important distilleries are created, whose factory of Galion, which has undergone several extensions, and which today is still active, producing at once rum and electrical energy in status in mixed company.

port and market town, La Trinité became in the second half of the twentieth century a stronghold of Martinique tourism thanks to its incomparable natural heritage and its many beaches. Sporting activities, cultural and friendly now there are scheduled throughout the year.

Things to see and do

Between historical and natural heritage of culture and relaxation, a stay or a visit to La Trinité include several essential steps.

At the heart of the peninsula of Caravelle, so the ruins of the Dubuc castle, where an imposing house neighbored formerly warehouses and wharfs, showing a thriving business though illegal. Site classified since 1992, a "micro museum" was built there. Guided tours on request, every day from 9am to 16:30. Price: 4 euros (2 euros for children). Such. : +33 5 96 58 09 00.

In the same area, marked trails allow visitors to discover the fauna and flora of exceptional richness of the peninsula formed by "nature reserve". Departures from the castle route for walking or 1:30 to 3:20.

Also nearby, the flagship of the Caravelle was located on the highest peak of the peninsula: an exceptional view that a viewpoint allows us to understand.

Finally, at the end of the peninsula, the village of Tartary, where coastal fishermen still remain, preserved an authenticity that makes it a Mecca of tourism La Trinité.

On the way back, the forest of red Pointe, where a 4 km trail allows you to explore some of the treasures of flora (mangrove) and fauna (presence of the Blackbird and didine, typical birds of the island).

In the same city of La Trinité, other parts of the historic and natural heritage await tourists...

This is the case of the last sugar unit of Martinique, the factory of Galion (from March to June visit, information +33 5 96 58 20 65). The former owners' of old, which the neighbor, built in the seventeenth, is one of the latest examples of the genre. Now classified, it can be visited on request.

Among the outbuildings, an amazing Indian temple in Tamil tradition: it was erected after the Indian workers saw their prayers answered after a long drought.

Another stroll goal Bonneville garden and 130 fruit trees. Guided tours Monday to Saturday at 9am, 11am, 13h and 15h and Sundays at 9am and 11am. Prices: 8 euros (half price until 12 years).

Rest well, of course, to take full advantage of the many beaches that La Trinité account (Cosmy, The Raisiniers, Anse l'Etang, Grand-Jean Bay, Tartary, Pointe Rouge, La Brèche, Anse Bonneville, Treasury Bay) Also on the rest sand and bathing, tourists have access to all kinds of water sports (sailing, jet skiing, surfing...) proposed by associations or private clubs. Information at the Tourist Office at +33 5 96 58 69 98.

Places of interest

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Leisure centres

Events and festivities

Colorful, friendly, market La Trinité are an ideal passport, in the city center, for who wants to learn about and taste the products of Martinique terroir or those of inshore fishermen. There are also flowers and handicrafts. Monday to Saturday from 6am.

Many highlights are also scheduled throughout the year heritage of folklore and island traditions.

February is the month of carnivals and colorful parades. Highlights are held the "Sunday Gras" with the release of "his Vaval majesty", the "Monday Gras" where burlesque marriages are on general travesty background, "mardi gras", where red is the color imposed, and finally the "Ash Wednesday", where this time the participants marched in black and white before burning the effigy of Vaval at night.

In April, even years, the Sucre On the Road is a series of events organized around the sugar factory of Galion to showcase this part of the economic and historical heritage.

Every first Sunday of July, the covered market, the Soak Show is another appointment greedy. Hundreds of guests share the crumbs of "wet bread" drizzled with a spicy sauce.

In August, the round Martinique in round skiffs always stop in La Trinité. A colorful spectacle for participants and spectators who mass to admire these traditional boats without keel and rudder! The step gives rise to numerous festivities.

By November, finally, Christmas caravans roam the countryside and areas of the city. There is sung Creole hymns before 25 December, the West Indian Christmas is a real fire of culinary and musical fireworks.

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