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The site of La Grande Chaloupe

Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Réunion

The site of La Grande Chaloupe - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Réunion

A former quarantine site built in the 19th century to fight against the spread of epidemics on the island during the period of indenture, La Grande Chaloupe, located in the north of Réunion between Saint-Denis and La Possession, still retains two lazarettos which are now registered in the supplementary inventory of Historic Monuments.

The quarantine buildings were built from 1860 onwards to accommodate the indentured labourers who came to work on the island. Lazaretto no. 1 now houses a museum dedicated to this period of Réunion's history. The interesting permanent exhibition, Quarantine and Indenture, set up in the old isolation ward, invites you to learn about the lives of these men, the indentured labourers, who had come from afar to work in sugar cane plantations in the island. A remarkable journey through time, to learn about how people settled on Réunion... On Lazaretto site no. 1, you can also discover other relics from that period, such as the two old dormitories upstairs, the long house and the cemetery.

Not far from there is the little station of La Grande-Chaloupe and its beautiful listed locomotive which you can admire, before setting off on the Chemin des Anglais or Chemin Crémont, a walking path much loved by hiking enthusiasts that connects La Possession town centre to the Saint-Bernard district in the heights of Saint-Denis. Used by the British during their conquest of the island in 1810, this magnificent trail paved with basalt stones runs along the impressive cliffs of the north-west coast of Réunion, thus offering superb views of the coast and the vastness of the Indian Ocean…

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