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The Sigean African Reserve

Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Aude

The Sigean African Reserve - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Aude

An important conservation area for the natural environment and endangered animal species, the Sigean African Reserve, nestling on the edge of the Bages-Sigean lagoons, is home to nearly 900 mammals, 600 reptiles and 2,000 birds living in its 300 hectares in semi-captivity.

Open to the public throughout the year, the Sigean Reserve provides two ways to enjoy the space:

A trip of about an hour by car, passing through the African Bush, the Tibetan bear park, the lion park and the African savannah, where you can admire white rhinoceroses, zebra and Somalian donkeys, amongst others.

There's a walking circuit of about three hours, for adults and children to go in search of antelopes, ostriches and other animals of the African plain. In the course of your walk you can also find the chimpanzees' island, the vivarium and the Œil de Ca lake, dotted with pink flamingos and pink-backed pelicans...

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The Sigean African Reserve

Located in the South of France between Narbonne and Perpignan on the Mediterranean coast and along the ponds that dot the Languedoc coast, the Sigean African Reserve is home to over 3800 animals, a little more than 300 hectares. semi-natural animal park, the available space is large enough for the animals remain wild and fully express their natural behavior.

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