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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Aisne

Saint-Quentin - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Aisne

A listed Town of Art and History, Saint-Quentin, the capital of Upper Picardy, has a fine range of architecture in store for lovers of built heritage, ranging from Gothic to Neo-Classical, through Art Deco.

A 16th-century gem, Saint-Quentin Town Hall, whose superb Flamboyant Gothic-style façade overlooks the main Flemish-inspired central square, is adorned with 173 finely hewn sculptures illustrating scenes from the life of the town! Topped by three pediments and a carillon of 37 bells, this majestic building conceals many more treasures, such as its Wedding Hall, boasting a polychrome ceiling and monumental hearth, and its Municipal Council Room, which contains a remarkable Art Deco ensemble.

Next, take a leisurely stroll on the pleasant Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville, before going for a walk around the surrounding pedestrian streets, and following the Art Deco circuit. This will show you the amazing heritage of the 1920's, with must-see features including the facades on Rue de la Sellerie and the Sub-Prefecture, the Post Office and its hall adorned with mosaics, the music school and its façade flanked by bow windows, and the lighthouses on Isle Bridge. Look upwards and see the ironwork, mosaics, stained glass windows and sculpted motifs of this artistic trend!

Also don't forget to visit the Gothic Basilica of Saint-Quentin. Built from the late 12th century to the late 15th century to house the relics of St. Quentin, this elegant monument with a double transept contains a choir enclosure with sculpted decorations, a Tree of Jesse from the 16th century, and an old maze adorning the paving of the nave.

When it comes to museums, you can choose between the Antoine Lécuyer Fine Arts Museum, famous for its collection of pastels by Maurice-Quentin de la Tour, official portraitist to Louis XV, and the Butterfly Museum, which has over 20,000 specimens on display!

In July and August, the Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville turns into a seaside resort, with a fine sandy beach, palm trees, deckchairs, a swimming pool, paddling pool, trampoline, beach volleyball court and children's games - everything you need for a relaxing day of leisure with your family or friends. Around the Isle Marshes Nature Reserve, fans of outdoor activities can enjoy bathing, pedalos, table tennis and mini-golf at Isle Pond beach.

Additional information

Town in Picardy located in the Aisne, about 80 km from Amiens, Saint-Quentin is a popular tourist site, be it for its cultural offer and its unique environment. Town of art and history, this town in the Aisne is indeed rich architectural heritage that recalls its importance over the centuries.

Founded by the Romans, the city of Saint-Quentin has long been established in the region, and many are the remains of this ancient past and from all eras who succeeded him. Art Deco heritage, ruins of World War II, or buildings dating from medieval times, there is something for everyone to Saint-Quentin.

Gastronomy is also an important factor in tourism Saint-Quentin, and it is possible to taste the best Picardy specialties such as string, the Rodot, Badré the pie, or a good endive gratin, enjoying the monuments the city.

Things to see and do

City of Art and History, Saint-Quentin full of tourist attractions and other historic buildings that embellish the streets. The animations are not lacking in this old ancient city.

Former Royal Collegiate, the basilica Saint-Quentin welcomes the relics of the eponymous saint today. His body also rests in the crypt of the Basilica Minor. Classified as an historic monument, it was built between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries with the dominant styles Gothic and Romanesque.

Built in the early sixteenth century, Saint-Quentin City Hall is admired by visitors with its Gothic style. Adorned with over 170 sculptures, the facade is a real work of art. Inside, a neo-Gothic entrance hall welcomes visitors, while the marriages of room houses a monumental Renaissance fireplace coronation.

Almost entirely turned to the painter Maurice Quentin de La Tour, the Antoine Lécuyer museum is also the opportunity to admire works of the eighteenth century as sculptures or earthenware Sinceny and paintings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In the former church Saint-Jacques, the Espace Saint-Jacques houses the Butterfly museum with a collection of over 600,000 specimens and a temporary exhibition gallery regularly hosted. An archaeological museum and a museum Motobécane complement the cultural offer in the city of Saint-Quentin. The latter is located in the Village of old trades in the old factory Motobécane.

Walking through the streets, one can discover the buildings of great beauty, as Fervaques palace built instead of an old abbey, which houses the High Court, or the door of the Gunners, only vestige the former headquarters of the company bourgeois gunners. Monumental, it has been listed historical monument especially for its many sculptures.

Installed instead of the Eight-October, the monument commemorating the heroic defense Saint-Quentin was designed in the late nineteenth century by Corneille Theunissen.

The memorial, in the form of a granite wall, or the monument to the King of Belgium Albert I, are also essential.

The national necropolis now houses the bodies of more than 5,000 French soldiers, as individual tombs or ossuaries. A German military cemetery contains meanwhile over 8,000 soldiers killed in the First World War.

The beach of the Pond of Isle, an artificial beach, you can practice many games, and learn minigolf.

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Events and festivities

If the heritage is rich in Saint-Quentin is also the case for the cultural offer, with various events organized each year in the city.

Every year in March, Saint-Quentin hosts the International Festival Ciné-Jeune de l'Aisne. Destination of the young audience, it presents films and workshops for all ages, including a weekend reserved for families. In parallel occurs the infantile celebration for families.

In May, up to the days of comics and Saint-Quentin youth book with author signings and events of all kinds. The flower market is also installed in the streets of the city at this time of year.

Jester Celebrations take place every year during the weekend of Pentecost, including a parade, a parade of the three giants of the city, fireworks or musical entertainment.

In the summer, between July and August, the animations are not lacking in Saint-Quentin. First city to have transformed its downtown beach Saint-Quentin offers the Beach of City Hall, with fine sand and animations in the program.

The famous fair of Saint-Quentin is held each Monday following the first Sunday in September, while the Book Fair takes place at Fervaques Palace the first week of October.

In October, the fair of Saint-Denis and its rides of all kinds moved to Saint-Quentin, including one or two fireworks.

Throughout the year, markets take place in different neighborhoods of the city, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.

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