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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Ardennes

Rocroi - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Ardennes

A star-shaped fortified town designed during the reign of Henry II to face Charlemont Fortress built in Givet by Charles Quint, the town of Rocroi was reinforced by Vauban in the 17th century, and has kept some remarkable reminders of its military past.

Along the tourist path around the fortifications, you can admire the small courtyards, bastions, demilunes and counterguards of Rocroi. Inside the fortified town, discover the Place d'Armes, adorned with a fountain, with ten concentric streets radiating from it towards the ramparts.

Place du Luxembourg, the Museum of the Battle of Rocroi, based in an old 17th-century guardhouse, uses an interactive show to tell the story of the famous Battle of Rocroy which took place on 19 May 1643 between the Spanish and French armies, led by the famous Duke of Enghien, future Grand Condé.

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Discover Rocroi, Star City, with its unique urban planning, and military architecture. It is situated on a plateau 377 meters above sea level, 3 km from the Belgian border. The sky, the city is a star of stone nestled in lush greenery.

Unique in France, thanks to its radioconcentric urbanism, Rocroi is a star city and a gateway to France. It is located north of the Champagne-Ardenne about 100 km from Brussels and 250 km from Paris.

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Evolution of the fortifications of the sixteenth to the nineteenth century Rocroi is a unique walled city. Initially conceived during the reign of Henry II, in 1555, to deal with the fortress of Charlemont, built by Charles Quint. It includes a first fortified defense with five bastions, all different, a second offensive and defensive walls with half-moons and advanced doors of Burgundy and France. This stronghold was therefore not fortified by Vauban.

The main square, the former Place d'Armes, ten radio-concentric streets lead to the ramparts. The square is lined with houses of which the oldest is inscribed 1676. The latest of these houses were rebuilt after the 1871 bombing.

The City Hall dates from 1822, it was built on the site of the Hotel du lieutenant Roy.

The church was built in 1844 and its spire is 53 meters. It has a great and wide nave and altar is surmounted by a canopy of beautiful marble columns. Under the porch, a font Givet blue stone dates from 1615.

The green square between the 2nd and 3rd point, there is still a hole pierced stone and formed the foundation of the old pillory.

Place du Luxembourg, the last garrison guard is a model of military architecture of the seventeenth century. It now houses the Museum of the Battle of 1643 and the War of 30 years. A little further on the left, a vast military arsenal was built in 1692.

Rocroi an outstanding example of the earliest fortifications in France, the bastion type five bastions interiors date back to the reign of Henry II. Following the progress of artillery, the fortress was decommissioned in 1889. There are more military activity since.

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