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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Southern Corsica

Propriano - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Southern Corsica

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Archaeological Site of Filitosa (30 min Propriano).

Archaeological Site Cucuruzzu (1h Propriano)

Course and canyoning Baracci (tree climbing), the Baracci road Propriano.

Olva of Natural Park, Wildlife and Botanical Park (20 min Propriano)

Discovery farm in Sartène, free picnic area, pony baptism, birthday farm.

Tour de Campo Moro (45 min Propriano), very nice beach,

visit the tower from 10h to 17h, under the tower, sea level, on the left, the start of a hiking path, which can take you to Senetosa (4 hours hiking), beautiful scenery.

Port of Tizzano (45 min Propriano) towards Sartène, on the road to Porto-Vecchio.

Lion Rocapina + round (observatory and beach at the bottom), management Sartene, Porto-Vecchio.

The Genoese bridge (former vestige Genoa) towards Sartène, then towards Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano.

Baracci baths, thermal baths (natural hot springs and sulphurous) covered. On leaving Propriano, Ajaccio, Baracci drive.

Seating Caldane (source of hot water 38 °, sulfur and natural) outdoor towards Sartène and Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano.

Museum of Levie (Prehistory), Sartène road towards St. Lucia (30 min Propriano).

Museum of Sartene (Prehistory)

Zonza, Bavella, Solenzara in return.

Zonza, dam of Ospedale.

Canyoning, climbing, hiking Bavella.

Promenade "i martini" (2 hours drive). From supermarket casino management Viggianello, Arbellara, Fozzano, i Diacomoni, down on Propriano by "i Martini" and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the sea change vegetation, elevation vegetation, protected site - back underneath Olmeto and the road to Barraci Propriano.

Visit Sartene, food market on Saturday morning, visit the Old Town (30 min Propriano). The most Corsican village Corsican village, ancient and typical.

Lake Tolla - Prunelli (1h15 from Propriano). Take the direction of Ajaccio, cross Olmeto village, Casalabriva, Petreto Bicchisano and in the village of Cauro, turn right direction Tolla, Occana, visit Prunelli.

• Tray "Coscione" by aullène management Quenza (2h from Propriano) hike to the "Pozzi"

herd of horses, cows, pigs, sheep freely - (rte de ste lucie tallano - ste lucie in the village turn left and follow until zoza Quenza.

back towards aullène: restaurant / tea room - Bakery "i sabidini (yellow house) -

• boat trips - the port of Propriano: 3 different walks into the Gulf of valinco - daily: morning / afternoon and evening in high season (night tour).. porticcio - walk girolata and up the reserve scandola -

Bonifacio visit (1h Propriano) tour of the old city, marine cemetery,

with boat trips: Bonifacio excursion to the Lavezzi Islands - Tour Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio in Sardinia in santa teresa Thursday from 8 to 14h largest market) and Gulf of aranci.

Population of about 3200 inhabitants, this county exceeds 20,000 souls in the summer.

Protected from the prevailing westerly winds, its water level seems to have been frequented since Roman times. Many currencies, remains of dwellings, or tombs excavated, suggests that this ancient town pauca could be positioned on the map of Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD.

In the early 16th century, this modest call (dependent Pieve Fozzano), empty dwellings and residents due to insecurity Barbary welcomed ships from loading Ajaccians Bonifacio or wheat, barley and Oil Plain di A Miscellany (now called Tavaria). On June 12, 1564, two ships from landing in Provence, with their board Sampiero Corso and 70 of his companions, eager to remove the Corsica from the Genoese.

1767 at the request of Pasquale Paoli, one raises an important turn, Torra Nova helpful to the defense of that portion of the coast. Then, Propriano will accelerate its development between 1838 and 1845, with the construction of the first pier of 150 m on the rocks Scogliu Longu.

The development of the road from Ajaccio to the entire south of the island will allow the port of Propriano gradually supplanting that of Tizzano. Disenclosed, the city received June 28, 1860, by the grace of Napoleon III, his separation from his Fozzano and communal autonomy. In 2010, Propriano thus celebrates its 150th anniversary. With its commercial port with two piers and wharf alongside, it becomes the late 19th century a focal point for steamboats.

With the development of tourism in the late 1950s, the city of Valinco with its beaches, coves, leisure activities, is a famous seaside resort.

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In July-August, the Arts Festival Valinco, proposed by the associations and Artpoval Fronti di Mare, on the banks of Propriano. The festival welcomes all artists wishing to exhibit their works to the public for one night.


Capu Laurosu Beach and Portigliolo
Capu Laurosu Beach and Portigliolo
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Bridge Spin'a Cavallu before restoration (© JE)
Bridge Spin'a Cavallu before restoration (© JE)
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The Gulf of Valinco seen from the road Viggianello
The Gulf of Valinco seen from the road Viggianello
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Propriano The town hall
Propriano The town hall
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Sale of fish on the dock St Erasmus
Sale of fish on the dock St Erasmus
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Lighthouse Propriano
Lighthouse Propriano
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Nearby, Campomoro tower
Nearby, Campomoro tower
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music Festival in Propriano
music Festival in Propriano
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