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Montmorillon - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Vienne

Montmorillon, known as the "City of Writing and Book Professions", is a charming town pleasantly located on both sides of the River Gartempe. It is a popular destination thanks to its pretty river banks, Gothic bridge, old houses, monuments like the 12th-century Octagon and Notre-Dame church with its Sainte-Catherine crypt which contains magnificent frescoes, and the medieval district of Brouard where bookshops and craft workshops abound.

The town hosts a book fair every June on even years, and a writing and image fair in the same month in odd years.

Additional information

Common Vienna, the man nicknamed the City of the book, no shortage of attractions.

Sub-Prefecture, Montmorillon is located about fifty kilometers from Poitiers and its famous amusement park, Futuroscope.

Labeled City of Art and History, the city offers indeed a unique medieval heritage and restored in an area called the City of Writing and Book Professions. These are indeed very honored to Montmorillon, including the presence of many booksellers, calligraphers, painters and other booksellers that attract tourists.

Crossed by the Gartempe, a beautiful river in the region, Montmorillon also benefits from an exceptional natural setting where green spaces abound. Gastronomy is also honored in this city Poitiers, in particular through the ground, stuffed Poitevin, or more particularly, the famous macaroons Montmorillon.

City rich in outstanding monuments and cultural events, the city of Montmorillon attracts visitors in many ways, and tourists in search of architectural heritage will delight.

Things to see and do

Marked by its medieval past, the city of Montmorillon still has many monuments and other buildings of great interest in its old center.

The medieval quarter in the center of Montmorillon is the city's most popular tourist spot. Since 2000, it has been home to the City of Writing and Book Trades where booksellers, booksellers, potters, calligraphers and even painters share the space. The opportunity to admire magnificent buildings dating from the Middle Ages, and to discover book craftsmen. Cultural events are regularly organized there to highlight this particular art. Between the time of letters carefully written with a pen and the time of computers, the Museum of the Typewriter and Calculator invites you to discover old machines, to listen to them work, and to observe their mechanism.

Built between the 12th and 14th centuries, the Notre-Dame church has the particularity of having one side without windows. The explanation lies in the Wars of Religion, when the city decided to wall up the windows of the church which were the most difficult to defend. Listed as a Historic Monument, it has some fine examples of the Angevin Gothic style, as well as beautiful furniture. Note the presence of a magnificent 12th century wall fresco in the crypt. The Notre-Dame church and the Sainte-Catherine crypt are closed to the public.

Also listed as a Historic Monument, the Octagon of Montmorillon is a Roman cemetery chapel from the 12th century. Its original architecture is strongly inspired by the Chapel of the Rock in Jerusalem. Inside, it is possible to admire many sculptures, including 69 corbels. (open only during guided tours)

The Saint-Laurent chapel of the Maison-Dieu, whose facade, 12th century frieze and 19th century wall paintings have been classified as Historic Monuments, is one of the other great religious monuments of the city, with the Saint-Martial church. The latter dates from the middle of the 19th century and presents many portraits of the city's benefactors on the historiated stained glass windows.

In the city, you can appreciate various buildings of great value, such as the house of Brouard listed as a Historic Monument and which has a very beautiful medieval appearance, or the Hôtel de Moussac whose library, fireplace, decor interior or the roof are classified as Historic Monuments.

A 16th century stronghold, the Château de la Lande was transformed into a neo-Gothic castle in the 19th century. It is surrounded by a very beautiful park of about thirty hectares sheltering chestnut trees and ancient oaks.

Dedicated to the culinary traditions of Montmorillon, the Macaron Museum allows you to discover the history of the macaron through various exhibitions on the cultivation of the almond tree or its manufacture. The museum notably offers visual and sound aids, but also taste and smell.

Tèrra Aventura - "The Secret Admirer". The famous novelist Zétoulu received a book, her biography from a mysterious author. But who is it? It's up to you to help him find out thanks to several clues left in this book.

Places of interest

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Events and festivities

City of books and artistic professions, the city of Montmorillon regularly offers very interesting cultural events.

A weekly food market takes place every Wednesday morning.

A Christmas market is also organized every December.

The Cité de l'Ecrit et des Métiers du Livre is the scene of many events, workshops and courses throughout the year.

Prix des Lecteurs des Littératures Européennes de Cognac
Concours Photo
Base Éphémère des Îlettes
Pass'ton été à la MJC
Dégustation à l'Office de Tourisme
Concert "Ticket to Swing"
Balade en Trottinette Électrique
Visite Guidee : sur les pas des Rossignol
L'Octogone, une Architecture Surprenante
La Maison Dieu en Lumière : 1 000 ans d'Histoire


Montmorillon, City of Writing (© Momentum Productions Mickaël Planes)
Montmorillon, City of Writing (© Momentum Productions Mickaël Planes)
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Montmorillon (© Momentum Productions Mickaël Planes)
Montmorillon (© Momentum Productions Mickaël Planes)
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Saint-Laurent Church
Saint-Laurent Church
See photo
See photo
Notre-Dame Church
Notre-Dame Church
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Machine Museum to write and calculate - Montmorillon (© Momentum Productions Mickaël Planes)
Machine Museum to write and calculate - Montmorillon (© Momentum Productions Mickaël Planes)
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Notre-Dame Church
Notre-Dame Church
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Visits, leisure and activities nearby

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