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The megalith route

Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Morbihan

The megalith route - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Morbihan

In the land of standing stones, the Neolithic is particularly well represented, with the presence of many megaliths dating from that period. Among the Breton departments, Morbihan has a particularly high concentration of them, especially around Vannes.

It is in Carnac that Prehistory is most in evidence, with the superb group of more than 3,000 standing stones, dolmens and menhirs, dispersed about the site in continuous rows of about 1 kilometre in length. Sights to see include the alignments of Ménec, Kerlescan and Kermario, and especially the giant of Manio, a menhir and listed Historical Monument. This is one of the highest concentrations of standing stones in the world! Carnac is also where you can visit the Museum of Prehistory, which offers a superb collection of objects from the Megalithic period.

In Locmariaquer, don't miss the large Broken Menhir, the Merchants' Table dolmen and the Tumulus of Er Grah.

In the Bay of Morlaix stands one of Europe's most imposing megalithic necropolises: the Cairn of Barnenez, which consists of 11 dolmens. Dubbed the "Breton Parthenon" by André Malraux, the view of the Térénez Cove and the Bay of Morlaix is superb there.

Also worth seeing is the Cairn of Gavrinis on the island of the same name, close to Larmor-Baden port, one of the world's finest Megalithic sites: this enormous granite rock features a magnificent dolmen that forms a 14-metre gallery.

Other sites for standing stone enthusiasts to visit: the Cairn of Petit Mont, in Arzon, on the Rhuys Peninsula; the Dolmens of Mané-Bras in Erdeven; the Kornevec Alignment in the Floranges Forest; the Dolmen of Penhap on Moines Island…

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