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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Yvelines

Marly-le-Roi - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Yvelines

The small small royal town of Marly-le-Roi will delight walkers with its vast royal park featuring ornamental lakes and statues, including copies of the famous Marly Horses (the originals belong to the Louvre), which stand by the Abreuvoir (horse watering place), the centuries-old forest and picturesque old village with pretty houses.

In the royal park, you should not miss the Marly-le-Roi-Louveciennes museum, which recounts the history of this estate through its fine art collections. The museum also contains a scale model representing the park and its now destroyed château, where King Louis XIV lived, as well as a room dedicated to the Machine of Marly, which was used to transport water from the River Seine to the ornamental lakes of Versailles and Marly.

Additional information

In Yvelines, in the Ile-de-France, Marly-le-Roi commune is located fifteen kilometers from Paris, and less than ten kilometers from Versailles. The city was built on a hill, below a castle today unfortunately disappeared. Known since the seventh century, the city of Marly-le-Roi still has a heritage reflecting its rich past.

The city, which has attracted the biggest names over the centuries, also has a beautiful cultural heritage, still visible today. Full of life and very lively, with events organized throughout the year, the city of Marly-le-Roi is an excellent base for exploring this part of the Île-de-France and for holidays exciting, the quiet countryside of Yvelines.

Things to see and do

City Marly-le-Roi presents an important and rich heritage that bears witness to a glorious past and the presence of big names in the history of France.

The Royal Park is surely one of the most beautiful sites in the town of Marly-le-Roi. This is where was the Château de Marly which served resort once to King Louis XIV. Some parts of the park have been classified as an historic monument. Bordering the park, the walk-museum Marly-le-Roi - Louveciennes is of great interest.

Walking through the streets of Marly-le-Roi, visitors can discover remarkable sites, such as the washing of the pond Thibaut, the Chappe telegraph tower dating from the late eighteenth century, the Toulouse hotel, built in the early eighteenth century, or the hotel de Gesvres.

Note that it is possible to admire the house of Alexandre Dumas son, who once lived in Marly-le-Roi and an impressive bust of Victorien Sardou.

The biggest drinker in Europe, built by Mansart at the end of the seventeenth century can be seen Marly-le-Roi. It was restored in the mid-2000s Mansart is also behind the beautiful St. Figor church.

The former home of Victorien Sardou, the castle Verduron remains famous for its very impressive sphinx.

Built in the late nineteenth century, the fort of Trou d'Enfer is not open, but can be admired from the outside. It was designed to accommodate over 800 soldiers.

The forest of Marly, large over 2000 hectares, is a promenade popular with Parisians. Former hunting area of ​​the kings of France, it is now fully covered by a natural area of ​​ecological interest, flora and fauna.

Places of interest

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Events and festivities

Marly-le-Roi is causing many activities that sustain the various monuments of the city and bring joy and happiness.

The Marly-le-Roi market is held on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays morning. A Christmas market is also proposed in December.

Dancite organizes every year in April the Marly-le-Roi contemporary dance meetings with dance demonstrations and meetings.

The Marly Jazz Festival takes place every year in May with the organization of numerous concerts of artists from around the world.

Every June, Scent of a Woman, Marly-le-Roi organizes the festival of the city. On this occasion, visitors can discover such a huge fireworks display in the beautiful park of Marly.

The look of the festival moved to Marly-le-Roi and other surrounding cities from June to August. For the occasion, various thematic exhibitions are offered to visitors.

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