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Gisors - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Eure

The historic capital of Norman Vexin, the small town of Gisors, standing on the banks of the Epte, on the Historic Normandy-Vexin Route, invites you to discover its listed heritage. This includes the Church of St. Gervais and St. Protais from the 12th-16th centuries, remarkable for its Renaissance façade, Flamboyant Gothic nave and radiant Gothic chancel on the one hand; and the 11th and 12th-century castle fort on the other, a superb example of medieval military architecture.

Built in 1097 at the request of the King of England, William the Red, son of William the Conqueror, and then reinforced by Henry II Plantagenet in the 12th century, Gisors Fortress, which underwent a turbulent past during the Hundred Years War, is flanked by an imposing fortified enclosure, in the middle of which stands a feudal motte with an octagonal keep on top. A beautiful garden at the foot of the motte-and-bailey and a superb view of the town and Epte Valley from the top of the keep can also be enjoyed on the premises.

Other sights to see in Gisors are Rue de Vienne, a street dotted with old traditional half-timbered houses, as well as the picturesque wash house by the Epte, which features a wooden frame.

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An exceptional architectural heritage, a medieval city full of riches... no doubt! You are at Gisors, capital of the Norman Vexin. Rich in its strategic position between Normandy, Picardy and Île-de-France, the dynamic city has many treasures. Surrounded by unspoiled nature, the town enjoys as many valleys and wooded area dotted with water bodies that perfectly preserved remains rising massively over the city. It is the Middle Ages that makes Gisors an inescapable place for meetings between kings, although its existence dates from the Gallo-Roman era. Economic and commercial crossroads in the twelfth century, the city has a castle in the thirteenth century. Following are avant-garde infrastructures for the time as a hospital and a new church. The village becomes permanent. Then, over time, the industries set up and despite the outrages of the war, preserve its historical heritage intact.

The city center, memories of the city of yesteryear: Despite the extent of the destruction caused by the bombings of June 1940, in addition to the visit of the castle, the church and the chapel Saint-Luc, at the turn of the streets, a walk in the city still allows to discover vestiges of the past life of its inhabitants. Vienna street and the old houses of the city center. Known as "Grande Rue" in the 19th century, the history of the city's main shopping street has changed in appearance and name over time. It is now called "rue de Vienne" to commemorate the support given to Gisors by this city of Isère at the end of the Second World War. Although the old city was partly destroyed, the bombings spared the north side of the street, which now houses many half-timbered houses. Continue your discovery of old houses in the extension of the rue de Vienne by taking the rue Cappeville, or the passage of Monarque which gives access to the castle from the city center. If you visit the city on a Friday or Sunday, you can also enjoy the market that drives the heart of the city every week.

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The tour begins with the castle built on a clod of earth. This clod is not natural. It was established in the 11th century and was to be used to receive a first fortification and a wooden tower. In the twelfth century, the lords of the time continue the construction. They bring a low court of 800 meters, erect powerful stone fortifications and dungeons overlooking the whole. From the thirteenth century, the kings of France took over and built inter alia immense towers, including the colossal tower of the Prisoner. In 1605 deconstruction began with theft and looting of certain elements. The castle falls into ruin over the centuries. Yet, the construction resists time and history and remains today still an emblem of Gisors to visit absolutely. Equally remarkable, the church of Saint-Gervais and Saint-Protais will not leave you marble. Its construction begins in the 13th century and continues until the 16th century. In fact, it undergoes all the influences of different eras and is found to be a clever mixture of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance art. It is obviously classified as a Historic Monument. Finally, all you have to do is stroll through the city to admire the hidden treasures along the streets and alleys. You will come across the washhouse of the second half of the 15th century, the moat offering a unique view of the towers still standing of the castle, the Rue de Vienne where the castle entrance was, the 16th century verdure, the waterfall, the Golden Virgin, the chapel of the leprosarium and the castle of Pablo Picasso or more precisely the Boisgeloup which is a Gisorsian hamlet having sheltered the artist from 1930 to 1936.

Besides the old stones, many activities await you in Gisors. Hiking, fishing, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing on the Epte or diving in the swimming pool are as many leisure activities as you can practice on the town.

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Current May, Gisors The Legendary does honor to its past. For a weekend, the village becomes medieval again and offers its visitors shows and animations, but also a medieval market. You will be able to discover the crafts of yesteryear, but also the lifestyles and the defenses put in place to protect themselves from the enemy.

May still run and also as part of the legendary Gisors, the castle becomes the theater of a sound and light show on the theme of the Templars and their hidden treasure in the castle cloak according to legend.

Finally, the market is held every Friday and Sunday morning in Gisors to shop in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Exposition "Un Animal, des Animaux"
Soirée SBK
Concert "Tikno Vago"
Music by Valentin
Concert "Ellen Doodz"
Ciné-Goûter "L'Hiver Féérique"
Soirée Deejay DJ Club Paris
Gisors Metal Fest #4
Soirée Deejay DJ Club Paris
Soirée Deejay DJ Club Paris


The dungeon
The dungeon
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The church of Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protea
The church of Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protea
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The Castle
The Castle
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The Underground
The Underground
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