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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Gers

Cologne - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Gers

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Cologne is a town of Gers, in Occitan region, 15 km northeast of L'Isle-Jourdain.

Its territory of 6 km² belongs to the country of Rivière-Verdun, a Jugerie (tax district under the old regime) to the east of Biscay, on the left bank of the Garonne.

This is a country house (new city), founded in 1284 by the Seneschal of King of France with the approval of the local lord. Its name evokes the German city: the authorities hoped while the new city Gascon would experience the same boom.

The Cologne plan is geometric, along two perpendicular axes with a central wide space covered with (arches forming galleries on the ground floor of the housing).

Fortified in the fourteenth century, affected by religious wars, Cologne retained an agricultural and craft until today, its architectural charm, however, making a choosing step during a stay between Gascony and Toulouse metropolis. Besides its scenic heritage, the town of 900 inhabitants also has pleasant hiking trails.

Things to see and do

If all of the medieval center of the country house is in itself a real gem of a find on a walk, we begin this journey by the central square, considered one of the prettiest of the Gers. The covered galleries were restored, the oldest being north, half-timbered and brick.

nerve Town epicenter from its origins in the commercial, social and festive, the place houses a large hall medieval (XIV century) with stone pillars (the corners) and wood. formerly The fairs were held there. Note also the center of the hall a half-timbered building with a bell tower topped with a conical roof: a bell from 1607 is still preserved there. Furthermore, still under the market, have been preserved grain to measures fifteenth century carved in stone.

Near the square which it is separated by a block of houses, the church of Our Lady of the Assumption has been revised several times since its construction. facade elements to the north and west, however, are original. Inside, the building has a rich decor and quality furnishings (altar of Louis XVI style giltwood Pietà, Cross procession). Furthermore, protected as historical monuments, the church has a treasure room where are preserved objects of worship of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries).

Beyond the heart of the country house and houses of stone and brick of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, noted that even the remains of the ancient fortifications and ditches are still visible.

the fortified town of Tours are offered in season. Inquire +33 5 62 06 99 30.

In terms of sports, many marked trails for hiking or mountain biking including the village and the surrounding countryside were designed, dotted with panoramic views of the typical landscape of the Gers Gascony. Some include incursions into neighboring villages. Maps and information +33 5 62 05 95 95 or +33 5 62 06 99 30.

It is also possible to join the outputs organized by the local ATV club (touch +33 5 62 64 31 39) or by the association of Cologne hikers (information in +33 6 73 97 80 36).

As for tennis players, they can book a court at +33 6 14 89 60 15.

Finally, we mention the events (exhibitions, meetings, workshops) that offers the library of the town throughout the year. Information +33 5 62 06 85 52.

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