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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Guadeloupe

Anse-Bertrand - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Guadeloupe

Located by the sea on the north-west coast of Grande-Terre, Anse-Bertrand is a popular destination for Guadeloupe residents and tourists who appreciate both its wild environment and its heavenly beaches. While the famous Grande Vigie headland and high limestone cliffs are the hallmark of the municipality, it also attracts visitors to its beaches, like that of Chapelle. A popular spot for surfing and sea kayaking, this lovely white sand beach is perfect for relaxing in the shade of coconut palms and sea grape bushes, after a peaceful swim in the calm waters protected by the coral barrier.

At the northern exit of the town, the beautiful, wilder beach of Anse Laborde is above all a place for a picnic or relaxing break by the Antilles Sea, as the presence of rocks, large rolling waves and strong currents mean it is not suitable for swimming. Weather permitting, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the coasts of the islands of Montserrat and Antigua looming on the horizon!

Additional information

Located north of the island of Grande Terre, Anse-Bertrand was the last territory of "Indian Caribbean natives. The cultivation of sugarcane has shaped the landscape between hills and cliffs across the plain. The seafood and legumes are very popular in local cuisine.

Things to see and do

The historical Anse-Bertrand consists mainly of the remains of the sugar plantation. Above the ruins of old factories prestigious Mahaudière and Budan, and a multitude of windmills, often wearing a huge tree that has since taken up residence.

The beaches are the scene of an unforgettable moment of relaxation. The most famous beaches of Anse-Bertrand are La Chapelle, who has a beautiful lagoon and towering coconut palms and the beach of Anse Laborde, caught between two very high hills. Other beaches yet undiscovered. L'Anse Colas, Tu A Man Lwi, Anse-gun in particular.

Mangrove offers beautiful landscapes and marshes.

See also, the fishing port and freshwater basins of the source of Ravine Sable.

The cliffs offer stunning loss to the vision of a massive deep ocean blue and a beautiful view over the nearby islands of Antigua and Montserrat Désirade.

On along the cliff, the site of the tip of the Grande Vigie and Tou Man Coco (hole Madame Coco, a cave in the cliff above the sea level) are most visited.

The lagoon at the Porte d'Enfer is a site not to be missed.

The activities that can engage in leisure Anse-Bertrand are surfing, jet skiing, quad biking, hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving ...

Places of interest

Leisure centres

Events and festivities

The festival of gwo-ka Anse-Bertrand stands in the former military camp in the village of the city later this year, the carnival in the streets earlier this year, and campsites of Holy Week on the beaches Around the Easter Monday celebrations are among the most anticipated.

So the transition stage of the cycling tour of the island in the town attracts many visitors, as well as the passage of competitors competing Boating Route du Rhum.


View of part of the church square of Anse-Bertrand
View of part of the church square of Anse-Bertrand
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View from the cliffs Anse-Bertrand
View from the cliffs Anse-Bertrand
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Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Around Anse-Bertrand, the communes of Port-Louis and Petit-Canal are equally pleasant and fascinating. All the coastline is to be discovered as well as craftsmen, farmers, breeders, artisans, restorers and others.

The march of the slaves at Petit-Canal.

The islands and the lagoon of the Petit Cul de Sac Marin.

The vestiges of the sugar factory in Beauport converted into a cultural center.

The great mangrove...

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