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The Air and Space Museum

Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Seine-Saint-Denis

The Air and Space Museum - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Seine-Saint-Denis

France's largest aeronautical museum, the Air and Space Museum has occupied part of Le Bourget airport since 1973. Located 7 kilometres north-east of Paris, it is about fifteen minutes' drive from the capital via the A1, and can also be reached by metro or RER (regional express train) and bus.

The Air and Space Museum charts the awesome saga of humankind's conquest of the sky, from the first balloons of the 18th century to the launch of satellites.

Ancient gliders, fighter planes, aerobatic planes and more are available for visitors to admire: this is one of the richest collections of planes and spacecraft in the world, with more than 350 flying machines to discover, including the prototype Concorde and the scale model of the Ariane rocket.

Visitors can of course board the Concorde, a Boeing 747, a Super Frelon helicopter or an American warplane: thrills are guaranteed for everyone, children and grown-ups alike!

Visitors can explore the museum on their own, but guided tours on various themes are also available, as well as children's activities such as the simulator activity and the fun learning area Planète Pilote. And for a journey through the mysteries of the universe, head to the museum's planetarium!

Please note: access to the permanent collections is free, and many events take place on the Le Bourget site: the international aeronautics and space fair in June in odd years, the "aerial" flea market In October, and also conferences and temporary exhibitions.

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