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Villey-Saint-Étienne structures

Hikes & walks in Villey-Saint-Étienne

Villey-Saint-Étienne structures - Hikes & walks in Villey-Saint-Étienne

This 7-kilometre itinerary, green signposting, brings you close to the main military structures in Villey-Saint Villey-Saint-Étienne Forest: Vieux Canton Fort, the Nibarde Shelter or the Bas du Chêne structure, all built between 1890 and 1909.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityVilley-Saint-Étienne
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom march to october
Kilometres7 km


Access via the A31 motorway from Nancy or from Toul. Take exit 16 towards Fontenoy-sur-Moselle via the D191 A. Cross the Moselle and turn left at the roundabout towards Toul via the D191. Two kilometres further on, follow the path on the right for 200 m towards the Mordant dog refuge, visible from the road. From Toul or Dieulouard via the D191, same entrance via the Mordant dog refuge. Park at the refuge if you do not have a guide or the key to open the gate. If you are following the circuit with a guide from the Air & Eau association, you can go slightly further to the car park near Shelter No. 2 which corresponds to the starting point for the Sentiers du bois du Vieux Canton walk. It is completely free of charge. The advantage of having a guide is that you are able to visit Vieux Canton Fort. Attention! The site is only partially cleared. You must not stray from the signposted paths. You are in an area of underground structures which were a scene of fighting. Before your visit, contact Villey-Saint-Étienne Town Hall on 03 83 62 97 34 or the Air et Eau association on 06 64 81 62 32 if you want to benefit from a guided tour.


If you do not have a guide, leave your car at the Mordant dog refuge. Walk to the car park near Vieux-Canton Fort.

1. Pass or visit (if you are accompanied by a guide) Vieux-Canton Fort, then you pass Shelter No.2.

2. Pass the Champ des Boeufs structure and the Nibarde Shelter. After the Nibarde Shelter, you can shorten the walk by going direct to point 6, namely Mauvais Lieu Battery No.1.

3. The longest circuit leads you to the western structure of Vieux-Canton.

4. Then the ammunition niche.

5. Mauvais Lieu Battery No.2.

6. Continue past Mauvais Lieu Battery No.1.

7. Villey-Saint-Étienne Battery No. 2.

8. The Mordant Battery.

9. The eastern structure of Vieux-Canton.

10. The Vieux Canton structure, then return to the start of the circuit.

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