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Vert Bocage Circuit

Hikes & walks in Staple

Vert Bocage Circuit - Hikes & walks in Staple

This circuit will lead you over the plains of Flanders from farm to farm. Without any particular difficulties, it mainly follows small tarmac roads which are very quiet. To be enjoyed at all times of the year, it allows you to avoid muddy paths. A 6 km variant available which only takes 2 hours. IGN map 2303 E and 2304 E.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityStaple
Outing typeVillage visit
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres13 km


Starting point: "Contour du Château" in Staple.


1- Leave the starting point along Rue Contour du Château, which leads to the "savoir vert" certified farm. At the farm, turn right, cross the RD 438 and continue on the other side of the road.

2- At the crossroads, cut across the road and continue on the Borre Becque road, then make your way along the Aire road. On the first bend in the road, view over Mont Cassel. Continue to follow the yellow signposting.

3- Leave Chemin des pleureurs on the left and continue straight ahead along the RD 161. Take care when crossing. Note the typical Flanders landscape - hop poles - and hills.

4- Continue along the Aire road, note the chapel dedicated to Notre Dame de Lourdes. Further on, take care crossing the RD 438 again.

5- Opposite the 1908 farm, turn left. Almost at the end of the Route de Vert Bocage road, opposite Sainte-Anne Chapel, veer left. At the next intersection, turn right on to the Zuytpeene road.

6- Pass the Pont des 3 Rois bridge and continue to the oratory. Turn right on to the grassy path. At the next crossroads, turn right and, turn right again at the small road.

7- Turn left, then take the path back to Staple on the right, this time with your back to Mont Cassel, which has been with you since the start of the itinerary.

8- Continue straight ahead and after passing the hangar, turn on to the grassy path. At the furthest end, turn right twice.

9- Leave Route du Berger and take the Route de Cassel, at the corner of the guesthouse Au Coin du Berger. Make your way towards the church, the spire of which is visible. At the stop sign, leave the Route du Vert Bocage and take Rue de la Mairie opposite which will lead you back to where you started.

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