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Trades Circuit

Hikes & walks in Deux-Grosnes

Trades Circuit - Hikes & walks in Deux-Grosnes

Possessing a pleasant recreation area arranged around a body of water, the village of Trades is a charming tourist stop. It offers three circuits of hiking, rather family, around the lake or on the ridges around the village. From a distance of 3.5 to 14 km, the circuits of Trades are fairly easy hikes. The longest starts with a steep hill, but continues with a slight drop, on the ridges surrounding the village. This loop follows the two hills that form the valley of the Western Grosne River that feeds the water of Trades. This one allows to make a small family walk around the lake: the circuit of the fisherman, lasting one hour and 3.5 km. Finally an intermediate hike, the gourmet circuit of 6.5 km is proposed to you, until the foot of the village of Saint Christophe and skirting the laughing river of Grosne in return. Three pretty walks around the theme of the Western Grosne and its bucolic valley. These 3 hikes are described in the pdf file to download. The GPX file presents the layout of the 14 km peak circuit.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityDeux-Grosnes
Outing typeHike
Kilometres8.7 mi
Altitude upon departure365m
Change in altitude480m


Departure from the town of Deux-Grosnes, latitude 46.27413 (N 46 ° 16 '27 "), longitude 4.558106 (E 4 ° 33' 29")


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