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Stroll Impressionist

Hikes & walks in Honfleur

Description sheet

Departure municipalityHonfleur
Outing typeVillage visit
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres3.1 mi
Altitude upon departure30m
Change in altitude100m


Start of the rue du Puits in Honfleur.


Reassemble the rue du Puits up the ramp of the Mont-Joli.

Replace the "steep path" to the esplanade under the chestnut trees and enjoy the view Honfleur - the hard part is done!

Join the coast of Grace and the eponymous chapel by the road in front of the esplanade (you will leave on the right the last home in France of Louis Philippe, the French kings before his exile).

You can visit the chapel and its beautiful outdoor altar under the chestnut trees and the votive offerings made famous by Lucie Rue-Mardrus. You can make a small detour to the "Great Court Farm", the Mecca of Sunday family picnics.

Go back down the coast of Grace on the right to the next crossroads.

Turn left to Saint Siméon farm that housed the Impressionists before.

Go to the beach booty and take the tunnel under the road near the lighthouse booty.

Walk along the beach to the right until the end of the pier (a small bridge allows to cross the small dry ru).

You can go through the pier or on schedule across the Celebrity fleet.

Arrived back into Honfleur, take the bridge of lieutenant to find yourself in what was (before François 1st) the fortified town whose lieutenant is the most visible vestige of the old pond. The town that you leave right was a parade. You then take the street of the city to the right to pass the salt barns (exhibitions throughout the year). This step helps remind qu'Honfleur was a free city for the salt tax, the tax on salt, after a heroic resistance to the invaders in the Middle Ages. Down the street of the town turn right again to the old pond. This square / car park, which hosts the second part of the market on Saturday morning, was once a rampart and a ditch.

Walk around the old port and stop at the Saint-Etienne church, now charming but no less rich Marine Museum.

Then join the Saint Catherine square you will see an arrow from the old port (either up the Dauphin street or street of ingots). Finally, you go up the rue du Puits.

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