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Saracens Path

Hikes & walks in Condé-sur-Risle

Saracens Path - Hikes & walks in Condé-sur-Risle

Description sheet

Departure municipalityCondé-sur-Risle
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres12 km


Depart from the village church.


1. With your back to the church, turn right along the wattle and daub thatched wall. On the bottom of the small street, climb up to the left. Turn right on to the departmental road.

2. After 500 m, take the path up on the left. At the top, veer right and continue straight ahead until you reach the tarmac.

3. At the Chêne crossroads in Leude, take the small road down on the right and then take the first path on the left in order to cross the woods. On the edge of the valley, veer left. On the way out of the forest, descend on the right.

4. At the first crossroads in the descent, take a detour on the right to visit the Saracen Fountain (there and back along the same route). When you return to the crossroads, take the path that descends on the right and cross over the valley.

5. At the top, at the Forge crossroads, take the small road on the left twice and cross the valley again.

6. On the other side, veer right and pass Thillaye Castle. Then veer left and cross the plain along a path leading straight ahead.

7. At the Courellerie crossroads, continue straight ahead and descend into the Risle valley (be careful, cars use this narrow road).

8. At the wayside cross, take the path opposite. Then, at the bottom, veer left and enter the village of Condé-sur-Risle.

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