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Saint-Michel d'Auberoche Chapel

Hikes & walks in Antonne-et-Trigonant

Saint-Michel d'Auberoche Chapel - Hikes & walks in Antonne-et-Trigonant

Description sheet

Departure municipalityAntonne-et-Trigonant
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres12 km
Altitude upon departure100m
Change in altitude100m


Starting point: Antonne-et-Trigonant (45,213 N; 0,834 E). Make your way to Laurière (2 km / RN21 towards Limoges). In Laurière, take the D69 on the right and continue to the bridge over the Isle River. 300 m after the bridge, turn right and follow the small road.


Follow the small road, then the path leading to the top of the hill. At the summit, take the path on the left to Haute Lauterie.

Continue to Basse Lauterie via the small road and then join the old GR36 behind Basse Lauterie. Follow it on the left along the slope which follows the Auvézère.

At Gros-Jean Farm, turn left to the cemetery to the east, then continue northwards to the spur of Auberoche Chapel.

Return from the north along the small road: at the high-voltage power line, take the forest trail to Soupetard Farm, then the GR36 on the right to the D69.

Cross the D69 and continue westwards along the GR36.

Cross the D69 at Le Buis, continue along the D69 (towards Laurière) to the small road leading back to where you started.

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