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Saint Helier Trail

Hikes & walks in Beuzeville

Saint Helier Trail - Hikes & walks in Beuzeville

Long country walk, old mills on the Morelle, view into the valley, river banks, chapel of the old castle of Neuilly (private), Saint Helier washhouse.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityBeuzeville
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom march to september
Kilometres12 km
Change in altitude186m


From the city center, reach the stadium behind the church.


With your back to the stadium, go to the right and immediately take the small road to the right. At the crossroads, turn right then, opposite the residence, take the path to the left to go along the valley.

Before the departmental road, go down the path to the left to see the Saint Hélier washhouse at 400 meters at the bottom of the valley: return trip by the same path.

After this refreshing stop, find the departmental road that you follow on the right for 200 meters on a protected path. Then cross the RD to turn left (watch out for traffic).

At the first crossroads, continue straight to cross the countryside.

At the end of the road, go down to the left towards the Morelle valley. At the bottom, press left to cross the valley.

On the other side, turn right and go under the railway line. Going up, turn right on the forest path which runs alongside the railway line.

Turn right twice to pass under the railway line, then straight ahead to cross the Morelle river.

Take the road to the right for 20 meters and immediately go up the path to the left. At the top, follow on the right for 30 meters then turn left.

At the bus stop, press right. After the hamlet, turn left. Cross the RD22 to take the path opposite.

In the plain, turn right. At the crossroads with the road, continue straight.

At the crossroads, turn right then continue straight on to the village of Beuzeville which you cross to find the stadium.

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