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Sails of Liberty Trail

Hikes & walks in Berville-sur-Mer

Sails of Liberty Trail - Hikes & walks in Berville-sur-Mer

Description sheet

Departure municipalityBerville-sur-Mer
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom march to september
Kilometres12 km
Change in altitude130m


Follow the street in front of the town hall, rue du Bac.


At the foot of the boat, facing the Seine, turn right to walk along the river upstream. After the lighthouse, leave the jetty to follow a dirt road that runs along the Risle estuary.

At the mouth of the Risle, continue to the right and go up the return canal to the port of Berville-sur-Mer.

Cross the dam, then immediately turn left into the landscaped plot to discover the 3rd boat "Belle de Seine".

Back on the tarmac, fork to the left following the GR straight ahead.

At the top of the hill, after the Château de la Garenne, cross the RD 312 to take a sunken lane that borders the village of Conteville.

Slant to the right then immediately to the left on the small road bordered by ditches. Turn right at the larger road.

At the crossroads, turn right then, in the countryside, take the path to the left, cross the Route de la Judée and go up towards the forest.

At the top, turn right to go deeper into the woods. Take the road to the right then quickly find a path on the left bordered by beautiful beech trees. Continue straight after the barrier.

At the junction with the GR 223, turn right towards the pine forest, then, at the clearing, follow the path opposite which goes down to Berville and offers a superb panorama.

At the bottom, continue straight ahead, then take the small path on the left. Follow the departmental road to the right then take the road to the left which goes down towards the Seine.

At Calvary, turn left then immediately right at the Virgin to take a path that winds between the old fishermen's houses. Follow the canal to the left then turn right to find the edge of the Seine.

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