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Long circuit laps

Hikes & walks in Saint-Amans-des-Cots

Long circuit laps - Hikes & walks in Saint-Amans-des-Cots

Attention unmarked circuit. Departure: At the entrance to the "The Towers" campsite. At the exit of the campsite take a left for 40 meters then take the road that goes up on the right towards "Barou". In "Barou", take the left path that starts behind the agricultural building (pass the barrier). Follow him, cross a small gully and go up in front to arrive on a forest trail. At the forest trail take a left. At the intersection of forest tracks climb to the right. Follow the trail to the village of Touluch. In the village take the road to the right. (Photo 1) At the exit of the village take the small road to the left, follow the stone farm building by the right and then go down the path to the left. At the first crossing of paths take a right. At the second crossing of the road continue straight ahead. At the third crossing of paths, go down to the left until the road. On the road, take a left. At the intersection take a right.

Description sheet

Departure municipalitySaint-Amans-des-Cots
Outing typeHike
Kilometres9 km
Altitude upon departure624m
Change in altitude361m


Depart from the town of Saint-Amans-des-Cots, latitude 44.6680200 (N 44° 40’ 5”), longitude 2.6852200 (E 2° 41’ 7”)


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