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Land of legends

Hikes & walks in Vorey

Land of legends - Hikes & walks in Vorey

Vorey - Vertaure - Roche-en-Régnier - Fort de Vorey - Vorey. With this circuit, relive some of the legends on the site where they occurred...

Description sheet

Departure municipalityVorey
Outing typeCar itinerary
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres9.9 mi
Altitude upon departure510m
Change in altitude320m


Depart from Vorey church.


Take the road alongside the church and turn right immediately on to the small road to Vertaure. Continue for 3 km until you arrive at a very old well and "bachas" (or tanks). Park there and take the stone path on your left.

On the way, you will see a more recent well and tank mounted on a manual water pump. Further on, at the crossroads, you will find a "four banal" - communal oven - (from the word "banalité", a tax which the inhabitants used to have to pay to the local lord in order to be able to cook their bread there). During the Revolution, these ovens became the property of the village. Most are still in use, especially during the bread festival in August.

Return to your vehicle and continue along the tarmac road for 3-4 km. Pass a farm and turn right. You will arrive at the grass-covered square in Dignac where you will be able to park.

A "four banal" can be found there alongside an "assemblée"; a square house recognisable by its small steeple. From Dignac, there is a beautiful panoramic viewpoint over Roche-en-Régnier and its tower.

Leave the village and continue along the road on which you arrived, then turn right. Enter Roche-en-Régnier and take the small road facing you and park near the small church. From there, follow the signs to the tower.

On the way back, turn right after the church. At the D103, turn right; continue for 1 km and take the small road on the left leading to the Interplex factory (electronics). Park outside and take the small path on the right behind the factory. You are at the site of Espaliou fortress of which only a few ruins are still visible: staircases carved into the rock, cavities, and the guard towers at the entrance to the holiday village below. This privileged site offers a view over the meanders of the Loire.

Return to Vorey via the D103.

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