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Around Lake Vouglans

Hikes & walks in La Tour-du-Meix

Around Lake Vouglans - Hikes & walks in La Tour-du-Meix

Loop untagged - A spectacular bridge, incredible views of the meanders of a lake overlooking forests... This route allows you to walk along the banks of Lake Vouglans, located on the first plateau Jura. 35 km long and 450m wide, Vouglans is today the third artificial reservoir in France - You will begin the route on the "Zone of Overheating", on the banks of the Pyle bridge. From the first meters you will encounter the first difficulty. Indeed, as soon as the crossing of the Tower of Meix past will rise before you the coast of Saint Christopher and its 18%. At the top, you'll have time to recover on the road, generally downhill, Pont-de-Poitte. Arrived in this village, you will discover the pots of giants. In reality, these pots have been formed over time thanks to the combined forces of the rapids of Ain and pebbles, which by repeated friction have dug the rock. You will then go on the bridge of La Saisse to join Patornay and Pietelle. Then direction Thoiria and its fruit 1900 or you may be able to attend the manufacture of the county as it was done in the last century

Description sheet

Departure municipalityLa Tour-du-Meix
Outing typeAll-terrain bike itinerary
Kilometres31 km
Altitude upon departure419m
Change in altitude718m


Depart from the town of La Tour-du-Meix, latitude 46.5206580 (N 46° 31’ 14”), longitude 5.6709930 (E 5° 40’ 16”)


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