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The Lagoon of Hell's Lagoon saugon - generac

Hikes & walks in Saugon

The Lagoon of Hell's Lagoon saugon - generac - Hikes & walks in Saugon

The loop of the Hell Lagoon connects, crossing large forest areas, the communes of Saugon and Générac. This walk presents contrasts that contribute to the landscape quality of the hike. The pine forest, is an important resource in the rural economy of this sector. It generates a small industry with the presence on the territory, sawmills, and related activities (logging, cutting and transport). Although the pine dominates, it coexists in certain areas (south of the D252) with other species such as oak, chestnut, birch and poplar. The forest, the Double Girondine, also structures landscapes. The proposed loop is also an opportunity to approach asparagus fields, easily identifiable by the presence of regularly raised mounds. The white asparagus of Blayais is gradually becoming a flagship product of Haute Gironde. Produced on small family farms, it represented a few years ago an interesting alternative to the difficulties of the vineyard. You will also discover on the route the miraculous fountain of Saugon and the beautiful church of Générac, with its imposing square and fortified bell tower. Starting point Church of Saugon

Description sheet

Departure municipalitySaugon
Outing typeHike
Kilometres9.3 mi
Altitude upon departure28m
Change in altitude88m


Departure from the municipality of Saugon, latitude 45.178291425 (N 45 ° 10 '42 "), longitude -0.503582238 (W 0 ° 30' 13")


For the past three centuries, the name has been called the small forest north of the commune of Saugon, along the Cap d'Avias river, near the town of Reignac. This river, sometimes called Aygues Mortes, made the separation with the jurisdiction of Montendre.

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