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Historic walk in Lanmary Forest

Hikes & walks in Antonne-et-Trigonant

Historic walk in Lanmary Forest - Hikes & walks in Antonne-et-Trigonant

Description sheet

Departure municipalityAntonne-et-Trigonant
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres13 km
Altitude upon departure100m
Change in altitude100m


Depart: Antonne-et-Trigonant (45,213 N; 0,834 E). Make your way to Bories Castle (1 km / RN21 towards Limoges). This castle alone is worth a visit.


Cross the RN 21 and follow the GR 36. Cross the forest road (2 km) and continue to Croix du Rat along the forest trail (2 km). Turn left towards Caussade Castle (1 km). Return along the same route for 300 m and leave it behind, continuing on the right towards Lanmary Castle (1.5 km), after crossing the forest road.

Cross the clearing heading eastwards, behind the castle, to join the path past the former entrance (in ruins) to the park (300 m). At the sheepfold, take the path on the right and continue to the signposted footpath (500 m). Follow it towards Sibaudie. Cross the D 69 (1 km); follow it on the right (200 m); at the forest gate follow the Layon which climbs towards the throne of the Roi des Chauzes (200 m). Follow the footpath on the left to the Cluzeau (300 m).

Return to Bories Castle; behind the Roi des Chauzes, follow the path that descends to the quarry; cross the D 69; continue along the path on the edge of the forest; after 500 m, turn left, cross the coppice; turn right on to the road (500 m). This road lead to the RN 21 and to Bories Castle.

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