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In the heart of the Battle

Hikes & walks in Noordpeene

In the heart of the Battle - Hikes & walks in Noordpeene

Walk departing from Zuytpeene or Noordpeene. As its name indicates, it runs through a battlefield, that of the Battle of the Peene (or the 3rd Battle of Cassel), following which Inner Flanders (Houtland, with Hazebrouck and Bailleul) and the north of Artois (Aire, Saint-Omer) became a part of France. This itinerary crosses the Dutch and Spanish camp, as well as the sector at the heart of the fighting (between Noordpeene and Zuytpeene). This round walk is signposted. The Nord Departmental Council publishes a descriptive sheet available for download on the website of the Nord Departmental Tourism Committee.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityNoordpeene
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres6.2 mi
Altitude upon departure29m
Change in altitude70m


Depart from the square in Zuytpeene or from outside the Maison de la Bataille, between the church and the town hall, in Noordpeene.


1. Opposite the church, take the Route des 3 Rois on the right and turn immediately on to Chemin du Moulin.

2. At the hamlet of Stuyver (old Flemish currency), continue straight ahead along Noord Straete.

3. At the RD 138, veer left towards Noordpeene.

4. Commemorative monument of the Battle of the Peene.

5. Take the convent path.

6. At the convent farm, follow the D55 for 1 km (caution).

7. At the large chapel, turn right towards the centre of Noordpeene.

8. Opposite the church, take the road on the right towards Zuytpeene, then turn left on to Chemin du Tom.

9. At the top of the Tom, follow the RD 26, the former Watten-Cassel Roman road.

10. Take the dirt track on the right.

11. When you arrive at the tarmac road, return to Zuytpeene.

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