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The grove of the Gartempe Valley

Hikes & walks in Lathus-Saint-Rémy

The grove of the Gartempe Valley - Hikes & walks in Lathus-Saint-Rémy

Description sheet

Departure municipalityLathus-Saint-Rémy
Outing typeHike
Kilometres7.5 mi
Altitude upon departure122m
Change in altitude160m


Departure from the town of Lathus-Saint-Rémy, latitude 46.302345 (N 46 ° 18 '8 "), longitude 0.898889 (E 0 ° 53' 56")


Its waters, contained in a narrow bed between two small hills dotted with rather curious rocks, flow very rapidly for nearly two kilometers to the Rock of Hell, which can be reached by somewhat rugged and even perilous paths. This rock, the crown of which overhangs, is partly hollow at its base; from there, muffled sounds and sometimes rumblings produced by the waters that engulf it. Add to that a wild site and you will understand the mysterious stories he has created in the aftermath of times.

It is the beautiful Theoline, the damsel of Cluzeau, and the brave and handsome knight Gréor de Némon, duke of Lenet.

But Gréor, who fought in Palestine, returns to the fateful moment, takes it back to his captor; hence, a scene of jealousy and hatred, struggles and fights in which Théoline, hijacking Alain's iron, is killed instead of Gréor who can not survive his beloved, is killed in turn on the fatal rock and cursed Alain. "His great eyes, his eyes make the traitor recoil, who sees them all over the night appear granite trembles under his feet, then explodes like a bomb, opening gigantic arms, which will become a grave.

Alain, leaning over, the gaping hole, closes with a giant effort, and pain can feast.

When the dawn appeared, the fearful peasants told each other the dread of that terrible night.

And the most resolute go, trembling and furtive towards dear Gartempe, yesterday still peaceful. They do not recognize this wave nor these edges stop anxious...

Now here is Decraise, who advances in his turn, gone mad, just punishment of the gods, it will be the fourth victim of the mysterious Rock.

"Have you heard," said he, "I knew how to constrain the frightful noise of the Rock to fall and die, I will brave it, follow me, the lady of Cluzeau is dead, and Gréor also by my faith. "

The madman approaches... the Rock roars, it leaps, disappears under the wave, proclaiming: it is the Rock of Hell!

And since then, every year, when the fatal hour comes, the brass which, under the water, sleeps, makes its voice heard, and the old rock roars...

The ghosts then go away to see their turns again, to dispute them again at the inexorable time. They pass over the pond without bending a reed. From a nocturnal work echoes the Cluzeau.

Then they leave, following the sky and leaving their shrouds floating towards Lenet, where the cry of the owl vibrates alone.

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