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Green Lane Ploërmel - ​​Guer

Hikes & walks in Ploërmel

Green Lane Ploërmel - ​​Guer - Hikes & walks in Ploërmel

From Guipry-Messac to Ploërmel, this old railway offers a 47-km route designed and secured for the practice of non-motorized activities. By bike, on foot or on horseback, it is the ideal place to find the pleasures of sport and nature, and also another way to discover the rich heritage of the region. At its western and eastern ends, it allows to join the greenway No. 3 Saint-Malo / Presqu'ile de Rhuys (Ploërmel) and the greenway No. 2 Saint Malo / Arzal (the valley of the Vilaine - Guipry /Messac)... an invitation to roam! History - This old railway line started from the line Rennes-Lorient-Quimper and joined that of Questembert-Ploërmel-Mauron. It entered service in 1903. The Guer marshalling yard comprising four lanes, was developed from June 1917 by the Americans, who had taken possession of the Coëtquidan military camp. Originally set up around Guer Station (this area became New York's ZI), they built the vehicle landing docks. This line operated by the Compagnie de l'Ouest was closed in 1937. Today, Guer station welcomes the Tourist Office. The water tower and its reservoir, which was used to fill the steam locomotive boilers, have also been preserved.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityPloërmel
Outing typeHike
Kilometres24 km
Altitude upon departure30m
Change in altitude421m


Depart from the town of Ploërmel, latitude 47.9277080 (N 47° 55’ 40”), longitude -2.4076600 (W 2° 24’ 28”)


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