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Forest of Vatable

Hikes & walks in Les Trois-Îlets

Forest of Vatable - Hikes & walks in Les Trois-Îlets

Description sheet

Departure municipalityLes Trois-Îlets
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres1.2 mi


After the borough of Trois-Îlets, in the direction of Rivière-Salée, 300 meters after the roundabout of Vatable, entrance of the car parks on the left.


If you want to have a good time with your family, this one-hour walk is for you! Located in Les Trois-Îlets at the Vatable Point, this forest is very popular with the Martiniquais on weekends: you can picnic, walk or even run in the shade of trees...

The site is managed by the National Office of Forests: there is even a kayak rental at the entrance that offers you to discover the mangrove since the domain runs along the entire coastline. And then its view of Fort-de-France and the Trois Îlets is simply magnificent.

The estate is very well renovated: a pontoon runs alongside the old Habitation Vatable, the future museum of the Mangrove, and allows to join the two parkings of the top and the bottom. Do not forget to stop and watch the earth crab ballet.

At the end of the first parking lot, a very nice sculptor will make you discover his monumental works realized from tree trunks.

For this small "hike", do not forget to put on properly, because the trail is not flat everywhere and there are many branches buried underground. In addition, the mangrove is a wetland par excellence and therefore by place you can find a little slush!

Aside from that, this walk is really nice with lots of little paths that get lost in nature and give you the impression of having become explorers.

In short, if you do not have the soul exploring and not to lose you, you have the choice between following the main aisle that goes to the seaside or take the path of left which runs along the coast after the Large amphitheater.

All along the route, do not miss to admire the view over Fort-de-France, the bay of Génipa and the Trois Ilets.

The forest is in fact half surrounded by water and thus allows to discover what is the mangrove and its mini ecosystem.

Plan to spread with anti-mosquito lotion, these cute critters love the wet shade of the place!

If you are tired or you are considering a picnic, carbets offer a well-deserved halt in the shade and sheltered from a shower always possible.

If you wish to learn more about the mangroves and their mangroves, a guided boat trip can be made from the port of Trois-Îlets ("Le Mantou"), offices to the left of the street when arriving at this port (Opposite the bistros!).

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