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Flowery path of Oger

Hikes & walks in Blancs-Coteaux

Flowery path of Oger - Hikes & walks in Blancs-Coteaux

Description sheet

Departure municipalityBlancs-Coteaux
Outing typeVillage visit
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres1.9 mi
Altitude upon departure135m
Change in altitude35m


You can start the walk from the parking of the Town Hall, or the street Caferlane, if you want to follow the order of the panels.


Since the street Caferlane:

1. From the first panel, take to the village up the street from the White Farm.

2. Take on the left. Arriving on the road to Chalons, turn right. For your safety, use caution when crossing.

3. You arrive on the street Gobards. Panel # 3 is located at the intersection of the street Gloriettes. Continue straight on the Rue des Sept Vents.

4. Turn right and take the Rue du Donjon (panel # 4).

5. Arriving opposite the town hall, turn left on the street until the sign Montmort No. 5, located at the intersection of Margot street.

6. At the next intersection, turn right on Rue Neuve. But you can also go to the church and its garden Odette Prévost.

7. Continue on Rue des Remparts until you cross the street Avize.

8. On the right, down the street from Avize: you will pass the Wedding Museum and the Tourist Information Point, open the summer in the wash (panels 8 and 9).

9. Turn right onto the rue du Gué where the 7 panel. If you have already visited the church you can reach your vehicle.

10. At the intersection, turn right on Rue des Fosses and across the street from the Fort. You will come to the church and enjoy the garden Odette Prévost to finish your walk.

11. Do not hesitate to stop at the Tourist Information Point before moving your vehicle you will find practical information on activities to do in the area.

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