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Dolmens walk

Hikes & walks in Barjac

Dolmens walk - Hikes & walks in Barjac

Amid the woods and scrubland, set off to explore the dolmens in the woods of Barjac. No particular difficulties, gradual inclines.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityBarjac
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres5 mi


Starting point: Tourist Office.


At post no. 1, turn onto Rue Salavas, then right onto the Grand Rue which leads to Place de la Croix Blanche. At the corner of the Crédit Agricole, walk up Rue Chevalier Lavaure, pass by the public school and go straight ahead.

At post no. 2, turn left onto the PR 23 itinerary and the old Chemin du Mazert, which starts off tarmacked then becomes a dirt trail, before becoming a tarmacked road again by the villas. Follow it up to Orgnac road, taking care as it is a busy road.

Take the path opposite, starting off going downhill then uphill again for around 800 m up to the tarmacked road that you then cross.

Turn left onto the tarmacked road DFCI K2, pass in front of the entrance path to the pretty Mas de Peri farmhouse. Carry on straight ahead. From this portion of the road, in the distance to your left you will see the buildings owned by the artist Mr Anselm Kiefer as well as some artworks.

After around 250 m, turn right and follow DFCI K2 until you reach the hamlet of Mazert.

After the cross, take the 1st path to your right (non-tarmacked) until the intersection with the fitness trail.

Turn left following the sign saying "Dolmen no. 1".

After the “parallel bars” station on the fitness trail, turn right onto the DFCI K11.

At the X-shaped crossroads, follow the neon pink arrow to the left for around 250 m and on the left you will see the 1stdolmen (the most well-preserved). You can continue to the end of the straight line to see a flattened dolmen and retrace your steps to the 1st dolmen.

Behind the dolmen, turn left onto the winding path to the left, which goes between the oaks and passes in front of the remains of 2 dolmens (1 vertical slab and 1 flattened slab).

By following this path you will come back to the fitness trail.

Do the same journey in the opposite direction, or continue on the fitness trail to the campsite entrance and go back down towards Barjac via the old Orgnac road.

Un circuit plus court peut-être adapté en rejoignant en voiture les cèdres à côté du camping. Se garer et suivre le parcours de santé. Se reporter aux explications à partir de : Poteau indicateur dolmen n°1.

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