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Circuit Ain by bike n ° 15 - Yellow cavities and bellies

Hikes & walks in Val-Revermont

Circuit Ain by bike n ° 15 - Yellow cavities and bellies - Hikes & walks in Val-Revermont

Another story of ancestral conflict, of cultural difference that is the charm of our sweet provinces... If the Revermont dominates the Bresse, it is more by the geomorphology of the landscapes rather than by the level of wealth. Overlooking the plain of Bresse to the East, the Revermont is the first southern foothill of the Jura Mountains. If its history is closely linked to that of Bresse, everything differentiates the Revermontois of Bressan: traditions and agricultural practices, habitat and language... The vine was once the essential culture of Revermont. Each stone dwelling was built on a cellar located on the ground floor. From there comes probably the nickname "cavet" attributed to Revermontois. For Bressan, "the cavet would be more used to its cellar than real work"! By replica, the Bressan was baptized "yellow belly", or "corn eater". Another explanation would express a feeling of jealousy on the part of the poor inhabitants of Revermont with regard to the rich Bressans, in particular - the tradesmen who hid gold coins in their belts, the days of cattle fair!

Description sheet

Departure municipalityVal-Revermont
Outing typeCycling itinerary
Kilometres23 mi
Altitude upon departure202m
Change in altitude490m


Departure from the town of Val-Revermont, latitude 46.30532 (N 46 ° 18 '19 "), longitude 5.383776 (E 5 ° 23' 2")


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