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Hikes & walks in La Chapelle-aux-Choux

Cherré - Hikes & walks in La Chapelle-aux-Choux

Visit to the Cherré archaeological site from the Gaulish hill fort, panoramic view over the Loir.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityLa Chapelle-aux-Choux
Outing typeHike
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres5.6 mi


In the village, park at the church. Turn left towards Lude (ignore the Route des halles). Pass the road that leads to the roses, pass the wayside cross. At the harbour, continue right towards the bridge and cross the Loir. Continue straight ahead to the houses of Neuillay.


1. Follow the D188 towards Coulongé for about 300 m and then turn left on to the small Vau road. Look out for the small signpost on the right about 100 m further on.

2. Climb up this steep path. At the top, turn right along the grassy path which passes over the moors, then, at the fork in the road, turn right down the stairs leading to the road. Turn left along the Loir and pass the Gravière. Look out for a signpost outside a red house.

3. Take a stone path on the left and pass the houses. Climb up alongside a field to another house. Walk around it on the right and climb up through the forest on a small path along a hedge. At the top, leave the path at a signpost, cut through the trees to the field above. Follow it on the right for a few metres and then, turn left to the edge of the forest and make your way to the moors straight ahead. Take a grassy path after a coppice and continue opposite to a large alley of poplar trees.

4. Turn left on the road and pass the fir forest, Hugottière and Hararie. When you arrive at the Vau, you will find the path you took on the way out. Retrace your footsteps to Place de l'église.

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