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In Chateaubriand's footsteps in Plancoët (grand tour)

Hikes & walks in Plancoët

In Chateaubriand's footsteps in Plancoët (grand tour) - Hikes & walks in Plancoët

Nazareth district was attached to Plancoët as late as 1841. Before then, it was an important hamlet of Corseul, the Roman city. The central rue de l'Abbaye, with its preserved architecture, is one of the oldest streets of the town. This bank of the Arguenon River is the theater of the first steps of great Romantic author: François-René de Chateaubriand. François-René de Chateaubriand was born in Saint Malo on Septembre 4th 1768 and was buried, as he asked, at the Grand Bé, in front of Saint Malo, July 19th 1848. Feeble newborn, he spent his early childhood "at Plancoët's fresh air' where his grand-mother, Madame de Bedée placed him in a nanny's care. He stayed there for approximately three years, then it was Saint-Malo and Combourg, Dol, Rennes and Dinan's schools from where, adolescent, he comes to visit his family. He's the witness of his kin's happiness... This walk follow the circuit that Chateaubriand's mother and grand-mother took between la Bouëtardaye manor, the rented house of Rue de l'Abbaye and Nazareth church. (These suggested itineraries are given as an indication and don't take the possible evolution of the grounds or the environment into account. The use of these circuits is, therefore, left to the personal responsability of the users, the Office de tourisme disengages itself of any responsability towards the use of the maps and the possible accidents that might occur on the offered itinerary).

Description sheet

Departure municipalityPlancoët
Outing typeHike
Kilometres4.3 mi
Altitude upon departure9m
Change in altitude271m


Depart from the town of Plancoët, latitude 48.51758 (N 48° 31’ 3”), longitude -2.22329 (W 2° 13’ 24”)


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