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Between the Loire and the hedged farmland

Hikes & walks in Saint-Martin-du-Fouilloux

Between the Loire and the hedged farmland - Hikes & walks in Saint-Martin-du-Fouilloux

During this lovely walk between the Loire and the hedged farmland, you will pass through La Possonnière harbour, where you can learn about traditional navigation on the Loire and discover the culinary specialities of the Loire riverside at the open-air café.

Description sheet

Departure municipalitySaint-Martin-du-Fouilloux
Outing typeCycling itinerary
Recommended periodfrom january to december
Kilometres19 km
Altitude upon departure80m
Change in altitude30m


You will arrive at Saint-Martin-du-Fouilloux on the N23. You will pass by the church towards Saint-Georges-sur-Loire. At the Carrefour de l'Oliveraie crossroads, turn left and park your car by the water tower.


When you are at the water tower and the Carrefour de l'Oliveraie crossroads is behind you, take the path to the left. This path is surrounded by fields to the right and left. At the first intersection, turn right and continue on the path into a clearing. At the second intersection (with a recently built house opposite you), turn right and head through the woods towards Savennières. Travel through the woods for around 2 km. Ricohet wood runs along Chevigné pond. Upon leaving the wood, turn right and go past the farm named "la Herse". At the crossroads, continue towards La Possonnière, and pass by the farm named "les Corroyes". Once you arrive at La Possonnière, take the road on the left and be sure to look at the lovely tuffeau stone houses with slate roofs. Carry on for about 300 m and turn right, to go around a park containing a beautiful house. When you reach the stop sign, head towards the centre of La Possonnière. As a reference point, to the left there is a sign towards Savennières, but do not go in that direction. When you reach the Carrefour du Pilori crossroads, turn left towards the harbour and carry on beneath the railway line. Stop for a little break…

You can stop at the guinguette, a traditional open-air café, to enjoy refreshments before walking along the banks of the Loire. Carry on towards the Pont de l'Alleud bridge then turn right onto Route des Sablons and continue on your way. There are fields of crops on either side. Then turn right again and go beneath the railway line, where you will once more see fields of crops on your right. At the crossroads, turn left towards Saint-Georges-sur-Loire. Then turn right towards Route de Montigny, and you will pass by La Michaudière house. At the crossroads, turn right again and head towards La Possonnière for around 200 m, then left towards Saint-Martin-du-Fouilloux, Chevigné castle. Continue for a few kilometres and you will arrive opposite Chevigné pond. This pond is an observation point that is popular with bird-watchers, as many species come to migrate and nest around the pond.

Through the woods and behind you when you are opposite Chevigné pond, you will be able to glimpse Chevigné castle. You will then turn left towards Saint-Georges-sur-Loire. Look at the trees circling the road, creating the impression of a tunnel (see photo). Then turn right towards the water tower. You will be able to see Serrant castle on the left. And you have reached your destination at the foot of the Saint-Martin-du-Fouilloux water tower.

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