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The 12 hamlets

Hikes & walks in Brullioles

The 12 hamlets - Hikes & walks in Brullioles

This circuit, by touring the village, offers an anthology of the assets of Brullioles: first, if you have the chance to come here in summer, you will be amazed by the flowering of this town, including his laundry. You will then pass near the Château de Charfetain, former home of Jacques Coeur, the great financier of Charles VII, who operated silver mines in Brussieu, the neighboring village. Further, do not hesitate to make a picnic hook at the site of Three Chapels which offers a magnificent panorama of the village and Mount Pothu. This famous Mount Pothu, you will also pass not far from its summit (821m) and the "Pierre Pothu" linked to a legend. A desk located in the beautiful square in the center of Brullioles will explain its history. During the last part of the tour, you will have a beautiful view of the Château de Chamousset.

Description sheet

Departure municipalityBrullioles
Outing typeMountain bike itinerary
Kilometres15 km
Altitude upon departure443m
Change in altitude512m


Depart from the town of Brullioles, latitude 45.7613057 (N 45° 45’ 41”), longitude 4.4996748 (E 4° 29’ 59”)


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