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Morvanhoney - Gastronomy, holidays & weekends guide in the Nièvre

Morvanhoney owes its success and high quality to the wealth of flora in the region. Different sorts are found here, such as acacia honey, sweet and delicate in flavour; clover honey, dandelion honey, strong and creamy-tasting; spring honey made from hawthorn and dandelion flowers; wild flower and meadow honey, amber-coloured from clover, bramble and lime flowers; all-flower honey, lime blossom honey, forest honey, pine honey or chestnut tree honey, which has a very strong flavour.

Morvanhoneys can be eaten as they are on bread, or used to sweeten hot drinks, in sweet and savoury dishes like roast pork or duck breast, or in the famous gingerbread.

Though the antiseptic properties of honey are well-known, as well as the great good it does for the immune system, not many people are aware that is an excellent means of fighting off a hangover, because of its high fructose content, and of alleviating insomnia.

Honey which is labelled "Product of Morvan Regional Nature Park" is guaranteed high quality, harvested without chemical repellents or synthetic products.

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