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Milk jam

Gastronomy, holidays & weekends guide in the Aisne

Milk jam - Gastronomy, holidays & weekends guide in the Aisne

Forget the clichés, maroilles isn't the only tasty treat in Picardy! Originally from America, milk jam (confiture de lait) is a sweet treat which is now loved by inhabitants of Aisne. According to legend, this dish was invented in the 19th century by a cook in Napoleon's army. He got distracted and left his milk cooking for too long, thus accidentally forming a smooth, caramelised paste that led to the creation of milk jam.

A very popular recipe around the world, milk jam can be simply eaten with a spoon, but also on pancakes, in yogurts, or in pastries. In Aisne, you can enjoy milk jam in various flavours like chocolate or caramel, made with good-quality milk from Thiérache.

With its mixture of milk and sugar, milk jam is rich in simple carbohydrates. That makes it the best friend of athletes and hikers, who find it gives them a quick energy boost after exercise and also tastes delicious.

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