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Crêmetd'Anjou - Gastronomy, holidays & weekends guide in the Maine-et-Loire

Crêmetd'Anjous a refined dessert which is said to come from the imagination and inspiration of a cook called Marie Renéaume. After she made her discovery, she is said to have opened her own dairy in order to market this creation.

Enjoyed for its delicate flavour and lightness of texture, this dessert is a mixture of whipped cream, beaten egg whites and sugar, to which a pinch of salt, mint or lemon can be added. These days, Crêmetd'Anjous also made with strawberries, blood peaches and mirabelle plums.

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The CREMET d'Anjou is a specialty that appeared to be much older than Mary Reneaume... it is observed since 1702 in Anjou and was served on aristocratic tables and in the institutional banquets. Despite many variations that have impoverished the twentieth century courtyard, the traditional recipe is light and airy. The famous Curnonsky compared it to a cloud. The combination of Anjou CREMET working on its renewal, to keep his memory by constant historical research, promoting his recipe and the small heart-shaped molds are used for so long to the cook. She is promoting participating in numerous events, giving lectures, educating university students, graduate and culinary schools in his region. The Anjou CREMET work in the valuation of its territory and its recognition as an actor of French cuisine and its reputation.

All you need to do Anjou CREMET
All you need to do Anjou CREMET
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